Chapter Seventeen: Cheap

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Chapter Seventeen:

I watched as a man and a woman battled it out in a fierce combat match, circling and sizing each other up. There was no difference in strength between the two, they were both just pure, raw power. The woman made a deft move to knock him down, but he caught her just in time, quickly spinning her into a submissive position, his arm locked around her neck.

She growled ferociously and grabbed his thick arms, using her strength to throw his entire body over her head and slam him to the ground. My eyes went wide as the fight continued, neither one seeming affected by the multiple blows landed on them.

So this is what training was like? Maybe I wasn't ready to start yet.

Percyus had faithfully held to his word and let me watch in on their training today to get a feel of it before I start tomorrow. Now I was practically trembling in my skin. I didn't want to get hurt, these people are so talented. I was just weak and pathetic. I would never stand a chance against them.

I felt a hand rest on my waist with a feather-like touch, making me jump as I hadn't expected it. But less in than a second I realized it was Percyus and calmed down. I was still jittery and on edge almost all the time, but I was working on it, trying my best not to flinch every time someone so much as walks past me.

"How is watching going?" He asked, spinning me around gently.

I was still trying to catch up. The first time he met me he basically hated me, then a few days later he suddenly cares. It felt like I had a bad case of whiplash. However, I tried to stay up to speed. This was nice for a change, being treated with at least some respect over none at all. I couldn't help but have the nagging thought that it might just be a fluke, but I needed to keep my thoughts 'postitve' as Lorenzo would say.

I looked at his chest shyly, still barely able to look above his nose. Those few seconds of staring into his electrifying green orbs was almost too much and I found myself selfishly craving more, but I still was reminding myself I didn't deserve it. They were tantalizing, beckoning me to sneak a peak at his eyes, lock a gaze with him, see them just one more time, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

"Hey." I utter, trying to work on my social skills. I had the volume so he could hear- as mumbling in my old pack was a big no- but I still lacked the literature to communicate in more than three syllable words.

His hand cupped my jaw, "Why won't you ever look me in the eyes?" He asked, as if he had been listening to my thoughts.

I let my shoulder rise and fall, an action that would cause much uproar with Master if he had saw, but a devious part of me reveled in the thought of breaking the rules. "I was taught it wasn't proper for a lower rank like me to look anyone in the eyes, as it is seen as disrespectful." I fought the urge to put annoyance in my voice as I was quite sick of always being proper.

"I can feel that you hate it." He whispered, having still a gently touch along my jaw. "If you hate it, why do you do it?"

"I..." It's like he sees right through me, ripping whatever private thoughts I had to shreds. "I don't like it, but it's second nature." I confided.

"Well, I can help." He pulled my jaw up suddenly locking our eyes together. A gasp left my mouth as I became completely entranced. "The more we do this, a little bit everyday, the harder it will be to resist, then it will break your habit."

I couldn't help the shiver that went down my spine as his husky voice had me weak at the knees, and his breath was unmistakably minty. I had never felt so attracted to him. My body felt a pull to him, as if I wanted to fling my arms around him and slam our lips together, but that was far fetched and way out of my level of expertise.

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