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(quick A/N Danny looks like Colton Hayes)

After what felt like an hour to Alice but felt like two minutes to Jasper and I she pulled us apart talking about how it was getting late.

"I'll take you home." Jasper stated, jumping on the idea to spend more time with me.

Instead of his bike, we took Rosalie's convertible. The whole ride was spent in silence, our hands intertwined over the middle compartment.

Arriving at my house, Jasper got out before speeding to my door and opening it.

"You coming in?" I asked with a small, tired smile, as his arm wrapped around my shoulders.

"Yeah, I want to catch up." Jasper responded as we both walked into my house, seeing my dad passed out on the couch with the TV on.

I let go of Jasper's hand before walking over to my dad. I turned off the TV and grabbed the throw blanket and put over him. While doing this Jasper watched with a small smile.

We both walked up the stairs in silence as to not alarm my dad. I opened my door allowing Jasper to go in first before shutting the door behind me.

"Hey you can put on a movie or something but I'm gonna take a shower, okay?" I asked, grabbing my phone to listen to music.

"Of course ma'am." He responded, nodding his head while getting comfortable on my bed.

I walked into the bathroom, shut the door and turned on the shower. I allowed the water to run till it got warm and stepped under the hot water.

I shaved, washed my hair and body. The water started to get cold, and I stepped out quickly, turning off the water. I grabbed a pastel pink, fluffy towel wrapping it around my figure.

After drying I looked at the sink top, realizing I forgot to grab clothes.

"Hey Jazz?" I yelled out grabbing his attention, he replied with a small 'yes'

"Could you grab me a baggy t-shirt and shorts? they are in the third compartment." I asked, sticking my hand out to point to my dresser.

A few seconds later I felt two pieces of clothes in my hand, I put on the garments before walking out.

When I walked out, it felt like my heart stopped, Jasper was sitting on the bed staring down at my sleeping pill bottle.

I completely forgot that I hid it in my t-shirts, I looked up at his face in fear.

"What are these?" He asked, in a low scary voice, I couldn't answer too scared of what he would think.

If the date I received them, the expiration date and the directions weren't on the bottle I could have just told him they were regular sleeping pills.

But they were on there, and he had seen them, he knew I was hoarding those pills.

"What are these?!" He repeated his voice raising, I flinched back at the sound of his voice.

"They're sleeping pills." I mumbled, staring at the ground too scared to look up at him.

"Why do you still have them?" He asked in that same deep voice as he eared closer to my shrinking figure, with his height towering over me.

"Because I need them." I let out, shaking. I was scared what he would think of me knowing why I had them.

"They're expired they could kill you." He yelled, grabbing my wrist pulling me to sit on the bed.

"..That's why I need them." I mumbled, if I had looked up I would see the complete broking expression caught on his face.

"..you want to kill yourself?" He asked, his voice low and calm, sounding like he was about to cry.

I couldn't speak, too afraid I would break down. So I just nodded my head.

I felt Jasper release my wrist before he got up and started to pace infront of the bed.

Jasper was pacing, thinking why I would ever want to leave this Earth.. leave him.

"Now that I'm back, do you still want to?" He asked, looking up at me. If vampires could cry he would be bawling right now.

"Jasper you coming back, doesn't magically fix everything that happened when you were gone! Everything I felt! My dad made me go see a phychiatrist, I've been put on antidepressants!" I yelled getting, and grabbing the pill bottle out of his hands.

"You are not the only reason! But at the moment these are my only salvation!" I continued shaking the bottle in my hands.

"Give them to me." He stated, holding his hand out.

"No" I denied, holding them in my hand as tightly as I could. He may be a vampire but he would get these pills over my dead body.

"Clove ple-" He repeated before I cut him off.

"No! You left you don't get to control how I feel anymore!" I responded, the tears falling down my face more agressive than before.

The argument was broken by my dad opening the door, I had the bottle hidden behind my back out of his sight.

"I think it's best if you leave." My dad stated, looking as mean as he could while I hid the bottle under my pillow.

"Clove I'm sor-" Jasper stated tying to apologise before being cut off again.

"Leave!" Dad yelled at Jasper, Jasper hung his head down low before walking out of the house.

My dad walked into my room, as I was sat on my bed, my legs balled up to my chest and I was sobbing into my knees.

"Hey, hey it's okay." Dad stated trying to soothe me as he held me in his arms brushing down my hair.

"No it's not." I cried into his chest, my tears stainging his shirt.

"But it will be." He responded, his heart aching at his the sight of his baby girl so broken.

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