Chapter 54 | The Final Plan

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Braunick threw the white ball of energy down on his brother who lied helplessly before him. Before the energy left his palm, the king was thrown forcefully to the side and collided with the cloud quickly. He tumbled and rolled along it and flew up into the sky again, enraged.

Agent 34 looked up to see Venon flying above him. He roared in victory, but he knew it wasn't over. Paöminar and Scar came flying close behind him, but weren't engaging in battle with the dragon.

Marque and Vrängr waved at Agent 34 from Paöminar. Agent 34 smiled, the first time in a while.

Agent 34 was shocked to see Agent X and Arenia waving from Scar. All of this came at once, and wasn't expecting an aliance between most of his major enemies. He assumed the dragons were on their sides as well.

Venon lowered his tail towards the elf, and Agent 34 quickly climbed aboard. He looked back at Marque and asked a question. "What's going on? Did Vrängr and Paöminar join us?"

"Yes," Marque yelled to him. "We convinced the dragons to join us on the flight over here, but we need to beat Braunick fast. He took our gems!"

Agent 34 wasn't surprised about that, as he already saw Braunick's increased power. The elf looked over at Arenia and Agent X, and was very curious about X's identity, but decided it would be revealed to him after the battle and didn't bother. He just smiled and waved at them. 

Now, he spoke to everyone. "Wait for Braunick to attack. Occupy him and give me and Venon time to give the final blow, since I have the last gem left," His friends all nodded, flying into position.

Then they realized: Where did Braunick go? The answer was given to them when something fell from the sky with a force that shook the cloud. Braunick fell out of the sky quickly, and landed with an impact that knocked everyone backwards. He jumped off the cloud and into the air, launching at his nearest target, which was Scar and his passengers.

Paöminar flew towards Braunick, roaring at him. However, the king simply extended his arm towards the dragon and he fell backwards onto the cloud. Vrängr and Marque fell off the dragon, rolling off him.

Braunick quickly grabbed Scar by the chest and threw him down on the ground, directed slightly a few feet away from him. He quickly flew at the brown dragon, who rested on the ground. Fist raised, he threw it towards his old friend.

Before the punch hit him, he was knocked once again out of the way, and again by Venon. Agent 34 rooted from the green dragon's back as Braunick tumbled to the ground. He stood up quickly, fury engulfing him.

Agent 34 ran up Venon's neck quickly, sword extended in front of him. He grasped the hilt with both hands, stretching his fingers before jumping off the dragon and launching towards Braunick.

He threw his sword at his brother in midair. Braunick quickly placed his hands over his chest in an 'x' shape, and a transparent blue shield appeared where Agent 34's blade was colliding.

Eventually, Agent 34 stopped and plopped to the ground. He landed with a thump, Braunick lowering himself down to him. He opened his palm and with a popping sound, a sword appeared in it.

The king flew towards his brother. The blades collided quickly, sparks flying. Braunick's force pushed Agent 34 backwards. He refused to lose balance and let Braunick win. 

However, to the king's annoyance, his didn't prevail. "Take this!" Agent X's deep voice yelled as she ran at Braunick with duel blades extended outwards. She jumped into the air and slashed at his back, not even ripping the cape. The attack was useless.

"Pathetic," Braunick spat at the two of them. "I could beat you both with the snap of my fingers,"

"Then do it!" Marque shouted. Agent 34 glanced over to see him and Vrängr running towards them, trying to get involved in the fight. Both of them jumped into the air together, launching at Braunick at the same time. The blades slashed at Braunick's back once again as he was focused more on Agent 34. Not even a scratch.

"This is stupid," The king said, removing his blade from Agent 34 and flying into the air. He floated above the group, who began to try to hit him in the air. "No, bad!" Braunick said, flicking a finger towards them. "Where's the girl? Where's Arenia?"

"Over here," Arenia said, standing in the distance. She looked intimidating, with her hand on her hip and another on his blade that rested across her shoulder.

"Thanks, I can complete the set," Braunick said in an unamusing tone. He raised a finger towards her and then move it towards the rest of the Destigems and Arenia was thrown over into the bunch.

"This is really getting boring, you know," Braunick said, drawing a circle around the ground with his finger. "Our fights used to be fun, but you guys just aren't strong enough anymore to amuse me. Sorry, but I'm breaking up with you,"

A blue rope appeared around the group and then flew towards them. It wrapped around them and tied them up quicker than they could react, and they were soon trapped.

The king sighed as he entered his brother's mind and headed straight towards Agent 34's gem. The purple swirling mass wasn't even fun to look at anymore because he had seen it in so many other colors. He extracted it by using a cursebreaking spell, and out plopped a purple gem in front of Agent 34, who was tied up.

Braunick walked to the purple gem and grabbed it, crushing it in his hand. He flew back up into the air, cackling evilly. "You can truly witness the full beauty of my plan–to get the rest of the gems. However, before that I need to give some well needed punishments to the people who betrayed me," 

Braunick flew over to the body of an unconscious Scar. He extended his arm as everyone went still and quiet. A beam of black energy shot out of it, going straight for the dragon. Scar awoke quickly and howled, screaming in pain. He tried to fly back into the air, but fell back down onto the cloud as Braunick overpowered him. Soon, his head fell back down. He was dead.

"Where's your hope now, Destigems? How do you expect to defeat a literal god like me?" Braunick said, madness in his eyes.

Agent 34 took one last glance at Scar before he shut his eyes. Scar was really dead. He didn't realize it, but Arenia's head was on his shoulder and her hand had somehow found his behind the ropes. She stood to his right, both tied up beside each other. Agent 34 shut his eyes and placed his head upon hers and prepared for what his brother was going to do.

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