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Twenty- five minutes later we met the boys down in the lobby. Harry was all excited about his new car, and he insisted that Louis ride with him. Louis happily agreed, and the little Audi roared onto the street before I had even gotten into Liam's car. 

"Shot gun!" Niall shouted.

Liam quickly locked the door. "Absolutely not. Gemma gets shot gun!"

"What?" Niall protested. "But I called it!"

"She's a lady!" Liam said firmly, opening the door for me. 

"That's very sweet, Liam," I said, getting into the vehicle. I stuck my tongue out at Niall as he moodily hopped into the back. Liam pulled smoothly away from building just as my phone rang, showing Harry's name on the caller ID. "Yes, Hazza?"

"It's Louis," the older boy said. "No way I'm letting Haz talk on the phone while he drives this thing. He's an absolute lunatic behind the wheel."

I thought about Louis's own terrible driving and shuttered. "What do you need, Lou?"

"We don't actually know where we're going," Harry said loudly from beside him. I hear his engine roar and Harry laughed with delight while Louis let out a little scream.

"Help me!" Louis whimpered dramatically. 

I gave him the name of the shop we were going to and suggested he look up the address. "The sooner you get there the sooner you get out of the car."

"Haz is driving at a dangerous pace. I'm sure I'll be there in no time," he said before hanging up.

I was thankful to notice that Liam was following all traffic laws. Niall and Zayn were bickering about something in the backseat and I was remembering how lovely it had been to make up from my fight with Zayn. He must have seen me looking thoughtful because when I glanced in the mirror he winked. He pulled out his phone and sent me a message. 

Zayn Malik: Maybe we should fight more often ;)

Gemma Carlisle: We make up and we break up all the time. We're like na na na...

Zayn laughed out loud. "I can't believe you just texted me our lyrics. Very fangirl of you, Gemma," he said. 

"Mum," Liam said into his phone, "I'm driving right now. Can I call you in a few minutes? Ok, love you!"

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, Li-li loves his mommy," I cooed. 

Liam pulled the car into the parking lot and rolled his eyes at me. "Of course I love my mum!"

"You're here!" Louis screamed, crushing me into a hug. He spun my around before setting me back on my feet. "I'm not letting Hazza drive me in that thing ever again. The boy is mental!"

"I am not," Harry protested. "It's a sports car! It's meant to be driven fast."

"Not by you!" Louis said. "But don't worry Harry! I still adore you!"

"Hooray! Boobear still loves me!" Harry clapped. The boys linked arms and skipped happily into the shop.

"Larry Stylinson at its finest," I laughed. We followed them into the store and I set them up at stations with the tailors.

"We've got the sketches you faxed us, Ms. Carlisle," the manager said. "We can have it ready by next week. We'll get to work as soon we've got their measurements."

"Excellent. Thank you!" I replied. I messaged the information to Katie and Samantha, requesting that they come and pick them up when the garments were ready. My phone buzzed and I picked it up quickly. "Hello?"

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