You'll never know [Marco x Reader] [AU]

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You were confused to say the least. For all you knew, they usually got along pretty well.

"They have been like that for a good half an hour now." Marco explained, pretty amused by the situation. "They're trying to decide which one of them has a better chance of going on a date with you."

You faced the blond man once again with a raised eyebrow.

"Haven't you told them we are dating?"

"Nope." He brought the beer to his lips as his hooded eyes watched the scene that was taking place behind you.

You rolled you eyes and proceeded to stand up completely, your thumb pointing in the bar's direction. "Anyways, we still have an hour or so to kill before the movie starts. I'm going to get a drink, do you want anything?"

Marco took a glance at his now empty bottle and asked for another one.

You made your way to the counter and rested your elbows on it, your foot on the golden footrest. Vivi approached you while drying a glass.

"What can I get you, (Y/N)?" She smiled warmly.

You ordered what you wanted and Marco's beer, and used the short period of time the female bartender needed to prepare your beverages to look at the two men closely. They hadn't noticed your presence yet, and you wondered why wouldn't they just forget about the other's opinion and go with whatever each one wanted to do; not to say that you were interested in them asking you out.

Vivi settled the two bottles in front of you and you gave her the money. While putting the bills inside the cash register, she complained about the lack of help that night, loud enough for a distracted Sanji to hear her, although to no avail. You smiled at her apologetically before taking the drinks with you and saying a quick goodbye. She waved before returning to work.

"Doesn't it bother you that they are fighting over me though?" You questioned as you gave Marco his beer and plopped down next to him, him resting an arm casually over your shoulders.

"Not really. I've got you here with me, that's all that matters." He shrugged.

You couldn't stop the smile that crept its way into your lips.

"So, can I get my kiss now or should I wait for them to find out?"

The blond man mentally weighted up the pros and cons, earning a light nudge from your part. He chuckled and soon leaned forward, his lips colliding with yours. He smirked against your lips as you both heard a loud gasp coming from the bar area.

"I guess they know now." Marco murmured inches away from your lips.

You were going to reply, but he was soon capturing your mouth in a deeper kiss, your hand making its way to the back of his neck.

Someone coughed to get your attention, and you separated from your very displeased boyfriend, who didn't hesitate to glare at the man that stood in front of you both with scowl plastered on his face.

"Oi, Marco. Pops wants to talk to you, says your phone isn't working." Ace reluctantly gave his older brother his phone and Marco answered it, soon needing to go outside because of the noise.

Ace plopped down next to you on the couch and crossed his arms over his chest. "I don't know what you see in him." He grumbled.

You smiled apologetically and patted his back lightly. You really felt sorry for the two men that had been bickering for you.

"You'll find someone too, Ace."

Both Sanji and Ace were younger than you and Marco, maybe three or four years, and were in all honesty too immature for you to like them in that way. The blond man on the other hand... He was so laid back and yet so formal...

Speaking of the devil, your boyfriend appeared at your side right in that moment, Ace snatching the phone away from his hand and going away before his brother had any chance to thank him.

"He'll get over it." He had shrugged it off as usual, but you couldn't help but to still feel bad for the younger man.

A sigh escaped your lips. "He just asked me what do I see in you." You commented as your attention drifted back to Marco, you resting your elbow on the table and your chin on top of your palm.

"Oh? And what would that be-yoi?" You smiled to yourself. He had a tendency to insert that tag whenever something made him nervous.

"I didn't actually reply, so I guess you'll never know."

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