You'll never know [Marco x Reader] [AU]

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So, here's a really short one for you, guys. Not really happy with it being so short and it's not my best work by far, but I have a writer's block going on and I'd rather update something than nothing.



Having checked for the third time that you had everything you needed with you, you closed the front door of your house, the other keys jingling as you bolted the wooden barrier.

The warm sunbeams showered your body, welcoming you outside. The weather was really nice that day, and you doubted whether or not you needed to take your car with you.

Since you had enough time to do so, you decided to go by foot to the bar where Marco awaited. You plugged in your ear phones and set the music play list on random.

You had wanted to see a movie for a couple of weeks, and that day was the last one they were screening it in your local cinema, so you had used the girlfriend card and had convinced Marco to come with you. It wasn't like he had been totally against it, but both your schedules had been crazy up until that week.

The walk to the pub was shorter than you remembered. You pushed the side door and were welcomed by an already pretty crowded place. It didn't take much to find Marco though. He was sitting in one of the round booths at the side.

"Hey." He greeted you with a lazy smile before bringing his beer to his lips.

"Hi. How long have you been here?" You wondered as you rested one knee on the booth's sofa.

"About an hour or so, the game is almost over." He motioned with his chin at the big TV that hung at the side of the bar.

"Since when do you like soccer?" You furrowed your brows in confusion.

"Since watching it was a better idea than hearing Pops and Shanks complaining about work." Marco smirked, his eyes scanning your body now for the first time since you had arrived.

"I like your style by the way." He pointed at your shirt with the bottle before bringing it back to his lips.

You looked down at the black tank top and the black and red checkered shirt he had forgotten in your house the previous weekend. You flashed him a lopsided smile.

"I was planning on giving it back today actually." You commented as you started taking it off, but he stopped you with a sign.

"Keep it for now, it'll get colder later."

"Thank you~." You leaned forward and pecked his cheek.

Stopping to pay attention, you noticed the bickering that could be heard from afar. You turned around, now realizing that Sanji and Ace were having quite the heated discussion in the bar area.

"What's with those two?" You questioned.

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