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B . O . D . Y . P . A . R .T .Y ?

( B )est Feature ; mhm best feature that smile tho =>

( O )verall Rate ; -.- bish your overRated cause you bro the damn than -Looks you up and down- fool buy me a new one like now girl

( D )ate Or Pass ; -Rubs chin- but I aint got mo chin hair lol but Date cause I want that monaay -kanye west voice- I aint saying I'm a gold digger but you aint a broke broke

( Y )ou Should ; do the hit the elbow -does It and dos the neck roll-

( P )retty Or Ugly ;  yo fool you pretty as a red rose lol -Mexican voice-

( A )lways Wanted To Tell You ; do the thot walks -Dips low and thot walks-

( R )eal Or Fake ; real

( T )o Be Honest ; you sound go to CHURCH lol jk

( Y )ou Are My? ; dance buddy

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