Chapter 6: OverProtective Dad

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And this completes the double upload. I'll be working on Crimson Chivalry for a bit.

You and Perona sat out on a flat piece of remains that was what used to be a rustic building that matched the mansion of which you lived within. You had one leg kicked over the other watching as Zoro and Mihawk spared before you on a clearing meant to be a battlefield. Zoro was getting quite frustrated as Mihawk hadn’t once brought you into his training sessions and settled upon using a knife he kept around his neck as a necklace. Once in a while you’d snicker hearing Zoro’s potty mouth run wild whenever Mihawk would deflect his attacks or completely make a fool out of him. What was so hard to believe was that Zoro had been here for two months already.

“What’s so fun about this?” Perona whined, embracing her stuffed bear tightly to her chest. “There’s nothing fun about watching two men fight and get all sweaty.”

“Well…” You turned your attention back onto Zoro and Mihawk, it took you quite by surprise finding that Zoro no longer wore a shirt and had a dark green bandana tied tightly to his head. You were at a loss for words.

“You have a thing for Zoro… Don’t you?” Perona asked sending a dirty look in your direction.

“You asked,” you smirked. “Just look at him… You can’t tell me he isn’t sexy without his shirt on.”

“I guess I can agree with you there,” Perona gave you a win. “You don’t get out much do you?” Perona continued with the question.

“What makes you say that?”

“I’ve seen guys better looking than Zoro,” Perona informed you, just for her mind to flood with images of physically appealing men like a reel of film.

“Good for you,” you said back in more of an ‘up yours’ tone. Perona took great offense to such fact. “If Zoro is going to run around shirtless, I’m not going to stop him.”

“Clear your minds of such perverted acts,” Mihawk snapped, causing you to squeak and face forward. Zoro stood with a large smirk plastered across his face, not only your father but the man you were drooling over had caught you thinking such perverse things... And Zoro looked to be enjoying said fact. “(Y/n), since Roronoa is being so difficult, he doesn’t understand that he isn’t ready to face us both,” Mihawk held out his hand. “Let’s set him straight.”

“Shit…” You cursed under your breath.

“Quit using such foul language,” Mihawk snapped for a second time.

“You do realize that she’s an adult right?” Zoro glared at Mihawk.

“I won’t tolerate such language under my roof,” Mihawk tuts setting a valid point. “Those cursed words are the only things I wished she didn’t pick up from Red Hair.”

“Oh he taught me a whole lot more than that!” You chuckled, hopping off from you place upon the ruins.

“Well, keep it to yourself or face the consequences,” Mihawk warned, and you knew better than to push him any further. That was a fact.

“Yeah yeah…”You rolled your eyes, taking your place at Mihawk’s side. You knew the drill like it was the back of your hand. So you flipped that mental switch within your body and transformed from human to weapon being held firmly within your Master’s hands. Immediately, Mihawk felt something different about your sword form. There was an off-balance in weight, he had to hold you with both hands; the energy you gave off felt jagged, maybe even overcharged or without direction. This feeling wasn’t a foreign feeling, more it reminded him of when you first unlocked your potential to transform.

Zoro knew to backup and create distance since you were rumored to be the biggest sword in existence. He’d take his past experiences and the last two months of training to help him defeat his ultimate obstacle right here right now. Strength to propel him through this challenge set up before him. Mihawk took a defensive stance rather an offensive, he held you out, his golden eyes caught imperfections within your blade of black steel. An indentation in the shape of an X, as if somebody tried to cut the sword in half…

Mihawk stood up straight, held the sword within one hand, holding his right arm outstretched at his side, and dropped you. You crashed upon the hard ground with a loud clang! You transformed into your human form immediately. “What the hell!?”

“You’re reckless (Y/n).”

“What do you mean?” You cocked your head to the side.

“Your blade is damaged,” Mihawk informed you. “It’s the mark of Zoro’s special technique. And Before you say otherwise, training with Zoro the last few months recognize every move he has to offer.”

“It came from when me and Zoro were fighting off the baboons a few months ago. We’ve never fought each other; that much I can promise,” Zoro came from his place, giving you a hand up seeing that Mihawk won’t even if you were to ask.

“And why wasn’t I informed of this,” Mihawk crossed his arms.

“Because I thought you’d kick Zoro out for misunderstanding… I’d rather hold back a secret rather than that.”

“Next time inform me of any such injuries,” Mihawk spun on his heal heading back towards the mansion. “That secret had most likely permanently injured your blade (Y/n).”

“I still don’t get why your sword form is so damn important,” Zoro huffed.

“It isn’t,” you crossed your arms. “Normally a weapon such as myself, our design changes as our personalities changes. My design hasn’t changed once since I was ten until… Now.”

“Meaning you haven’t changed a bit since you were a child?” Zoro had caught on quite quickly, faster than you ever thought he would.

You nodded with a sigh. “I know that my father had told you about how I got my design,” you began. “I’ve always been mature since the incident. I guess when you and Perona moved in, It literally made a mark on me.”

“But that mark is literally just a scar you got from those stupid baboons…”

“The only people in my life for the better part of fifteen years was my Father and Red Haired Shanks. So the day the baboons attack, it was also the day I finally opened up for the first time in forever and welcomed you into my life,” You grinned softly, so soft Zoro hadn’t been able to notice. But your words made a mark on Zoro and he wouldn’t let those words slips away so soon.

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