~Chapter Sixteen~

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One Month Later. . .


Leslie, from our Accounting Department caught me at the end of our work day, "Sabine, I wanted to make sure you were coming to my wedding this Saturday? I had a cancellation for you to bring Skyler. Also, Mr. Carrington will be there. Is it okay if you're seated at the same table?" She gave me a knowing wink, and a smile spread across her face. I couldn't figure out why?

She touched my arm, "Between you and me, I can tell that you and Mr. Carrington have feelings for each other. You both try to hide it. You guys are only fooling yourselves. I hope you'll come on Saturday. Mr. Carrington will definitely be attending." She put her hand on top of mine, and let out a hesitant breath. Then she stepped aside to let me leave.

I turned back around, "Leslie, I'll be attending your wedding on Saturday. Thank you." I didn't want to confirm, or deny her suspicions. So, that's all I said.

"Awesome, I'm happy you're coming." She gave me a hug that communicated so much without words, and then I left.

That was most unexpected. I think I feel like going shopping, I have a wedding to attend this Saturday. I have to pick out a sensationally striking dress, that will leave Shayne's jaw on the floor! I should mean Skyler, I think.

I shouldn't care what Shayne thinks after the past two months, but I still do. . .


I awoke with one leg dangling from the bed. My hair was in disarray, splayed all over my face. The covers were just about on the floor. I had a fitful night's sleep, thinking about going to the wedding. Leslie's wedding is today. And Shayne will be there with Barbie, a.k.a. Alexa, and I still have to pretend to be dating Skyler. The past two months have been a complete and utter misery, for me. I realized after getting to know the real Shayne, that I could never want any other man.

Mr. Thatcher's plan worked. Winthrop Oil, thinks Carrington Enterprises is about to go bankrupt. Mr. Winthrop is delighted! I have erroneously given Skyler the inside scoop, with my supposed detailed accounts blathering.

In actuality, Carrington Enterprises is doing better than ever, with Shayne as the CFO. He has instituted major financial changes, and we made a huge turn around in financial gains. It is also a tremendous help to have Mr. Thatcher on the Board of Directors. He is a well revered businessman for a reason!

I peeked at the alarm clock on my night table, and frowned. I had to leap out of bed, and into the shower. Time was whizzing by.

I found the dress, at a fancy boutique. It is a black sequins dress, with a plunging neckline and back. I modeled it for a few ladies that were in the boutique, before I purchased it. I had to make sure nothing was showing.

"Sugar, whoever is your date is one fortunate man. That dress is stunning
on you. It fits like it was custom made." Remarked one of my new friends at
the boutique, after I modeled the dress.

I'm having my makeup done at one of the make up counters at the mall, after I get my hair done. I also treated myself to a manicure and pedicure.

I found a pretty pair of high heeled black sandals, that are embellished with sequins. They will go amazingly, with my dress. The boutique had a beautiful pair of dangling rhinestone earrings, and a nice matching sequins clutch bag.


I was under the hair dryer at the beauty salon with big rollers in my hair, when my cell phone rang, "Hello?" I spoke loudly.

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