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I awoke and got ready for the morning, and made my way downstairs. Something seemed to have smelt quite pleasant and so I followed the trail of the deliciousness all the way to the kitchen.

"Good morning?" I peeked through the doorway, not knowing what to expect.

"Morning." Darius replied, and flipped a few pancakes on a plate.

He was cooking, dressed casually in a t-shirt and pajamas, with a spatula in hand as he caught my gaze.

"You could have woken me up, I would have made you something if you were hungry." I mentioned still perplexed about the situation, I walked over to the counter wondering if he needed any help.

Darius pushed the plate towards me, "I've already eaten."

I glanced at the oozing liquid dripping off the pancakes and then looked back at Darius, surprise painted all over my face.

"This is for me?" I pointed.

"Like I said before, you're my PA when it comes to work and not a maid—just relax and eat up."

I furrowed my brows and poked at the pancakes, "they haven't been poisoned," he chuckled as I continued to stare in confusion.

"I'm just noticing how puffy they are."

"Oh," he smiled showing his pearly whites (chill out Elisa).

"I used a lot of eggs."

I nodded my head and took a bite, my lips widened effortlessly, "these are delicious." I nodded at Darius as he looked on with a small smile. I took a few more bites and finished off my plate. "Thank you."

"No problem, so how are you feeling today?" He asked, flipping the wash cloth over his shoulder.


Darius seemed really strange, his eyes were void of the usual haughty expression, instead they were relaxed and showed a more content emotion over his face.

"After yesterday that is, I know it was a lot to take in."

I shrugged, "I suppose, I know I'm going to have to tread carefully around Xavier."

"About that," Darius sat by me on a stool, swivelling to face me as he spoke.

I took the cloth off his shoulder, "your shirt's going to get wet."

He ignored my gesture and carried on, "we're going to have to play around for a bit."

I bit my lip, unsure as to what he meant. "I'm not going to have to join in on this act am I? I mean I'm not much of an actress." I scrunched my face thinking about what I may have to do and tossed the cloth on the counter.

Darius laughed to himself and ruffled his hair. "You seem pretty good at pretending not to like me."

My mouth turned into a pout as he began his jokes on me again. "Maybe because I'm not acting." I spoke in matter of fact tone and leaned my chin under my hand.

Darius only gave me his smug looking smirk, "really? So you're telling me your heart wasn't beating like crazy knowing I made breakfast for you."

He pointed towards my chest, funnily enough the damn thing inside me began to beat more than I could withstand. Don't worry I wasn't going into a cardiac arrest, though it felt like it was probable.

I scoffed. "You should tone down on the arrogance you know, it doesn't really help if you actually want me to like you." I teased back, raising my brows.


"What?" I asked in annoyance.

Before I had a chance to react, he crashed his lips on mine. His smile teased its way into the kiss, knowing all too well what he was doing to me. His hand had taken my arm, with his fingers caressing my skin, though I pushed him off before he could do anything else.

"That was unfair," I complained.

He wiped his lip with his free hand, whilst the other still held onto me. He dragged me closer to him, pulling me up so I was now sitting on his lap.

"Darius," I gasped.

"What? We're just practicing right?" He tilted his head to the side as he looked up at me, and had a wide grin on his face. 

I huffed and pushed some of his hair back as it fluttered over his eyes, "and what exactly do you mean by that, after all aren't I supposed to be pretending to like Xavier?" I shuffled in his grasp, noticing him tense his jaw.

Darius' large hand rubbed against my arm, "I've seen how you are around him. You don't or rather feel like you're not sure what to do."

I furrowed my brows, "that's not true," I rebutted.

"Really? Then why is it whenever you're with him, you're shifting your gaze elsewhere unsure-"

"Maybe because you were always there watching in the shadows like some nosey parker." 

He flicked my forehead, "ouch gosh first Amanda and now you, what is it with you siblings and your need to inflict pain on others."

"I'll call her tonight and have her round," he spoke as I rubbed my hand over my head. All the while feeling his arms as they held tight around me, he was huge and was able to have me in his hold without having to stretch much.

"I miss her," I admitted, "I wish I had told her sooner."

"She'll get over it," he soothed and brushed my hair down gently, "after all it's not like you're actually going to go back to him."

I sighed, "true, though it just seems so weird."

His fingers now made their way through my curls, lacing to and fro as he tugged on them lightly. My eyes fell upon his lips as they opened, the heat rushing to my face as I wondered if he was going to do something so rash again.

Darius chuckled and caught my gaze, "it might take a while to adjust to, but we can always tell her how you were faking it all - she needn't know everything, after all she doesn't really know what happened with Marina. No one truly does."

Darius' eyes once again coated in a hazy mist, he huffed out a sigh and nuzzled his face into the nook of my neck. I shivered at his warm touch and tried to pry his hands off me.

"B-but why, why hasn't he been prosecuted?"

I gasped, "Darius, relax."

He mumbled something incoherently until he pulled back; his dark lips now reddened, he pursed his lips into a thin line. "I wanted to, but there was so much else going on - my grandfather's death and me inheriting the business. There was also little evidence, just the note and given the meaning behind her death, it was perhaps a few weeks after he had raped her."

"So any bodily fluids would have been out the picture." I added.

Darius only nodded and placed his hands on either side of my face.

"Look I know this is ridiculous for me to ask of you, and truth be told I don't want to make you go through it, but we need to get him. For once and for all, unearth whatever he has been hiding in front of everyone," Darius shook his head. He looked so distraught and run down, "there is so much I have taken because of his insolence, but now I feel is the right time to get back at him.

To get justice for my Marina."

I held his hands, feeling their warmth and placed them together in the cups of my palm. Smiling, I looked up at him, "even though you did it in a rather strange way, you did kind of save me from him. Who knows what he would have done with me and God forbid he tries anything on anyone else."

"I will help you in this, but we really do need to start being more honest with each other." 

"I think that should be my line," he scoffed and clenched his hands.

"Gosh Darius you really are a charmer."

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