Chapter ThirtyOne- Crimson Blood Stained The Rose

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    "So all this time it's been you, huh?" Slowly I pulled myself up from the wall and stared David directly in the eye, letting him feel the force of my rage. "I did think it was odd that time you called me about Jade, so what is it you actually wanted? I'm sure you also told Lockheart exactly where and who I was with so he could find me. I'm surprised how well you planned this, but I don't understand the motive."

    Although I was in the mood for chatting with the suddenly revealed villain it was evident from the look in David's eyes that he was in no mood to chat with me. Honestly the look of death and hate written there was enough to make anyone cringe in fear. I on the other hand was still in battlefront mode so I tried to keep the calm and cool expression on my face. It also helped that I really was mad due to the blood now running down my face thanks to him throwing me into the wall. I hadn't intended on being beaten up. 

    While I stared David down to see if I could read anything from his expression I noticed two marks on the left side of his neck. Without having really been looking I might not have realized what it was, but as I examined them closer there was no mistaking what they truly were. Bite marks...

    So David was either under direct orders from the vampire or he was being controlled. Either way none of it still was making any sense. That vampire had said he needed me for his little destruction of the world plan so why was he using David to hurt me? On the other hand there was the whole spiel about me killing Lockheart and me dying as well for me to come back his little slave. Maybe then the vampire was very aware at the time that I wouldn't have the courage to kill Lockheart so he set up a back up plan just in case. 

    Great, so he was going to use David to kill both Lockheart and I like hitting two birds with one stone. Then he intended to have me brought back from the dead as his slave. This was not looking too promising for me or Lockheart. 

    "Well actually now I sort of get it," I said, taunting him to see what he would do as I stared pointedly at the bite marks on his neck. "Your master wants to make sure his plan doesn't fall through so he's using you. How pathetic that you're following his everyone wish like that. Don't you have at least a small amount of heart?"

    That must have been the last straw for David because he lunged then. I was prepared for it though, I mean I'd been taunting him, so my claws were already out and ready to go. What I hadn't realize though was that David had his own tricks up his sleeves. Maybe I shouldn't have forgotten that he was also a werewolf considering he'd done all those mind tricks in the basement. Even Dylan had bluntly stated it. 

    However, now that I think about it I should have wondered the possibility of his being a non-full moon bound werewolf. 

    His full blown attack hit me in a second, his body straddling mine as he slashed my face open with his right claws. Suddenly in that one instant I was flashed back to the image of my mother doing the same thing, saying how she hated me. 

    Power I hadn't felt in a long time surged through me and I flung David from off me. Since I don't exactly have super strength he was more startled than anything so I only pushed him to the side. It still provided me with enough time to get up and run though. Of course in my case I began to lack any sort of intelligence then and decided it would be smart to go to the balcony. Since when was there a balcony?

    I guess I hadn't noticed the doors originally but now I was running at them like they would save my life. Wow, could I really get any more stupid? David was right behind me, breaking the glass to the door as I rattled the handle to get through. He was about to grab me again when I ran through the glass that had broken. Sharp edges cut at my clothes, ripping most of my shirt off of me (great, so now I was half-naked in front of this creep) and scratching all down my legs. 

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