Chapter ThirtyOne- Crimson Blood Stained The Rose

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Wow we have made it to the last chapter of part one :( I know it's actually not too sad since part two will be coming out really soon, but I'm just so proud I've made it this far! Thank you all so much for reading and voting and I do hope you will continue to read this as the story goes on. You all are truly amazing fans! :D


Chapter ThirtyOne- Crimson Blood Stained The Rose

July 3rd: Full Moon

    Walking through the house with it's creaking steps and darkness wasn't how I'd realy wanted to go about this mission. I felt more like I was in a haunted house than anything else. Not to mention since I'd decided to pick up that stupid white rose I had to worry about that too so that I didn't drop it anywhere and have someone end up finding out I was in here. 

    Thankfully so far I hadn't run into any other traps and the only problem I was having was finding my way through the maze-like house. From looking out windows though I was fairly certain I was getting close to the attic. 

    In fact as I rounded the corner to the ledge I was on I saw the door standing there before me. It must have been my imagination that it was glowing, but at the sight I felt like I could cry. This was it, the moment had finally come and now I felt like I was going to freeze up. 

    As my hand reached out to the door handle I had the sudden urge to pull it back as if I didn't have the courage to go any further. I had to do this though or Dylan and Snow would be caught and the rest of my friends here in Riverwood would be in danger. Not to mention I could finally show Lockheart he didn't have to be the evil person he's cursed to be. No matter how much he thinks he has to be, I'm sure that somehow I could find a way to reach out to him. 

    So, I wrapped my hand around the cool handle and turned in slowly. Unlike the door to the basement downstairs this door didn't make the slightest sound. Silently I opened the door and slipped inside the dark attic room. Although the door was still ajar behind me I felt as if I was locked inside here and I wasn't going to get out anytime soon. 

    Then, as if a sudden wind had blown, the door slammed behind me, causing me to jerk my head back to see what had happened. No one was there but it was like I could feel the presence of another person in the air. 

    It was like that person could hear my thoughts because the next thing I knew there were firm arms wrapping around my waist and keeping my mouth tightly shut. I didn't try to struggle, but there was something about the height and build of the person holding me that told me something was off. It didn't feel at all like Lockheart and my thoughts were confirmed when the person put his mouth up to my ear. 

    "Expecting someone else?" David asked, his voice a cold void that I hadn't expected to hear from someone like him. 

    Shivers ran down my body as I stood as still as possible, trying to come up with something to say that wouldn't sound completely stupid. In all honesty I was afraid because David wasn't acting like I'd expected him to. At first I'd assumed that he'd be under Lockheart's orders, doing anything that he wanted but now I began to wonder if he was at all. In fact I was beginning to question who was the real evil person here...and who wasn't.

    "I had thought my brother would be in charge around here, but I find now that I was completely wrong," I finally said David's hand covering my mouth. Though I was attempting to sound mature and unafraid it seemed more like I was trying to keep my feelings of despair at bay. 

    Clenching tighter at me, David dug his nails into my skin. "From the start you've been a snotty girl."

    Without warning I was thrown into the nearest wall, my head hitting it with a bang while my vision blurred the slightest. I was intent on not letting it get to me though. If David was the real mastermind behing kidnapping both Jade and Simone as well as having Lockheart give me that message about Blue Eyes, then I would do anything in my power to stop him. David was going down and then after that...I was going to take Lockheart back from his control. 

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