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Ever since the incident with the tracker and Jasper leaving me I had no motivation.

I barley ate anything, I took a shower maybe once every three days and I refused to go to school.

Today was the last day of school, and I already knew I wasn't going. My computer and phone has been beeping nonstop from messages.

I already knew they were from Alice, but I haven't answered any of her other messages why should I start now?

If I thought the first day back from the hospital I was bad I wouldn't want to see myself now.

I looked like a reck, I was paler than usual I had dark bags under my eyes that were red and irritaed and my hair hadn't been washed in like a week.

I hadn't been sleeping well and if it weren't for the sleeping pills I've been using I would be sleeping at all.

I wasn't proud of who I now was, but I wasn't proud of what Jasper did.

I'm near positive that my dad thinks I'm suicidal. Every hour he knocks on my door to see if I'm okay, and if I don't reply within at least a minute he panics and trys to break the door down.

Maybe suicide wouldnt be such a bad thing, I mean I could see my mom and Jasper already made it clear that we can't be together.

But what about my dad, he is the only reason I'm hanging on to this last, tiny thread keeping me grounded.

My doctor is the one who gave me the persription sleeping pills, I'm only supposed to take two every night but I've been taking one to save them, just in case.

My dad has been making me see a phychiatrist, who has decided to try out anti-depressants, I don't take them because all it is to me is an artificial happiness.

I stayed inside my home for the whole last school day, until I heard a knock on my door.

"I'm okay dad!" I shouted with frustration, trying to smother my face into the pillow.

"Clove, it's Alice." I heard a soft female voice said, I sat up looking at the door.

"What are you doing here?" I questioned, not moving unlock the door.

"Please, just let me in?" She begged, I got up opened the door, I was tackled in a hug.

"Hey Alice" I greeted my hand running down and up her back.

"Clove.. you look awful." Alice stated, noting that I was wearing gray sweatpants and Jasper's blue long sleeves shirt from the tracker night, the night he broke up with me.

"..thanks Alice." I responded, falling back onto the bed, where as she sat down next to me.

"Why did you come here?" I continued, looking up at her.

"Because you and Jasper need each other, he isn't the same without you." She exclaimed grabbing my hand in hers.

"If I remember correctly, he broke it off with me." I responded, my eyes watering up at just the memory of that night.

"Because he's stupid, he thought he was keeping you safe meanwhile he was just destroying you both." She groaned, grabbing my hand and pulling me up.

"Where are we going Alice?" I questioned as she made me put on my tan slippers.

"To show Jasper what he did." She answered, grabbing my hand and pulling me to her car.

"Thank you Alice." My dad stated, thanking her before continuing, "this is the first time she has came out of her room in a week."

"You're welcome." She responded pulling me into her car, as she drove to her house.

"I don't know if I want to see him." I stated my head propped up against the window.

"Well you're going to." She exclaimed as she pulled up to her house, before pulling me out of the with her.

We walked up the steps, Alice having a firm hold on my wrist to pull me where she pleased.

"Jasper Whitlock get your ass out here right now!" She screamed as we sat on the steps of her house.

The door opened showing a sad Jasper his hair was a mess, and he looked like someone killed his puppy.

The second we locked eyes, I knew I looked liked I was gonna cry.

"Oh my god." I let out, as my tears started to fall before running up to him.

I didn't care if he wanted it or not but the second I got up to him I threw my arms around his neck, as his went around my waist and held me as tight as he could without breaking me.

"I am so, so sorry." Jasper stated, his head moving to kiss my forehead, not relaeasimg me from his grip, I couldn't hold it in anymore and my sobs came out.

"Don't ever leave me again." I sobbed into his shoulder, his grip on me only tightening.

"I promise." He whispered into my ear.

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