[4]- Never Trust a Snake

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Am I the only one who realized that it's practically impossible for Zane not to notice he's a nindroid. What about when he handles magnets?! Is he just not magnetable, or do they stick to him and he doesn't realize. Is there a pile of magnets on his back?

Ninja P.O.V.

The falcon flew in circles, and landed on telephone wires. He looked around, before staring at me, and saying, "Wake up Zane. I know where you come from."

I jolted awake, and hit my head, startled by my dream. "Gah!" I yelped in pain, before standing up, and pulling myself out of bed.

The bounty gently swayed, and I walked out onto the captains quarters. "The hunt starts early today." I said to Sensei Wu, who sat at the small table, reading some strange paper.

"A watchful eye never sleeps." He told me calmly.

"As long as Lloyd, the Serpentine, and that strange girl roam freely, no one in Ninjago is safe." Nya told me. I hadn't noticed her before. When did she arrive?

"Where are the others?" I asked.

"Training on the upper deck." Sensei replied.

I walked out to join them, but was startled to find it empty. I didn't think much of it, when the Falcon suddenly flew by me. "You were in my dream, little friend. Last time I saw you, you led me to good fortune. What reason have you returned?" I asked with a smile.

The falcon suddenly flew away, and I raced after it, only to stop by the railing. I looked around, when I suddenly sensed an evil presence. "Lord Garmadon." I whispered, as I turned around.

"But you were banished!" I yelped, seeing him standing there with a smug grin.

"Only to return for the Gold and Silver weapons of Spinjitzu. Soon I will have the power to recreate Ninjago in my own image!" He shouted at me, as he pulled out two swords, preparing to attack me.

I pulled out my shurikens of ice, and got into a battle ready stance. "Give me your Silver Shurikens of Ice." Garmadon demanded,

"You'll have to take them from me. Ninja, go!" I shouted, using Spinjitzu to attack him.

As I approached, he suddenly grabbed me by the neck, and threw me back into old junk that was lying around. I dropped my shurikens, and heard him growl, "So be it."

Suddenly, he cut a rope, letting some cargo fall on me. Terror consumed me, as I covered my face, when suddenly a flash of green stopped it. I stared in awe to see the Green Ninja grab the cargo, and throw it off the Bounty as if it were a pebble. "The Green Ninja. The legend's true." I murmured aloud, staring at him in awe.

Lord Garmadon suddenly attacked him, causing him to stumble in surprise. Suddenly, the Yellow Ninja appeared out of thin air, and kicked Lord Garmadon causing him to stumble forward, nearly falling. Lord Garmadon attempted to swing at both of them with a sword each, when they both dodged it. The Yellow ninja disappeared into thin air, making no sound whatsoever, as the Green ninja used Spinjitzu around Lord Garmadon, to confuse him. He stopped in front of the bow of the ship, and Lord Garmadon threw his swords at him. Suddenly, the Yellow ninja appeared behind him, and knocked him down, before he could attack again. Suddenly the Green and Yellow ninja were side by side. The Green ninja had Kai's Golden Sword of fire, and the Yellow ninja had my Shurikens of Ice. The Yellow ninja threw the Shurikens at Lord Garmadon's feet, freezing instantly around him, leaving him helpless and vulnerable. The Green ninja melted the ice with the Sword of Fire, and kicked Lord Garmadon, causing him to slip, and fall off the Bounty. Zane turned and stared at the two. The Green ninja had a fire in his eyes, and on his hand, while holding the Scythe of Quakes, and the Sword of Fire strapped to his back. The Yellow ninja suddenly appeared beside him, and had the Falcon on his arm, with my Shurikens of Ice strapped in holsters on a belt, and the Nunchucks of Lightning in his hand. "Who are you? Kai, is that you? Jay? Are you the Yellow Ninja?" I asked, startled.

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