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This must've been a time in my life, when I've seen my whole existence played out before me like a bigscreen movie. I've seen death incited in these terrible, uncertain events. Never have I experienced such panic, weird events with no interpretation.

We were propelled downwards and it seemed like the exact feeling that I had as a child, descending from a swing's highest point of elevation. Because of my cargo,I had the hardest fall. It was still dark and I had no idea of the elapsed time. Crushing waves could be heard and there was sand under my fingers. This must surely be an island of some sort...we must have stranded.

"Steph, Daniel??" It was Aldrich's voice. We were all okay,what a relief! It was wonderful to realize that we were alive and unhurt. We kept calling for Daniel, but the waves,crashing on the beach was the only reply. Panic took hold of us again. Where was Daniel, why wouldn't he answer?

"Steph, Steph, stop calling. We'll have a go at it when we have visibility. Maybe he is way further down the shore."

We sank down, feeling defeated and discouraged. The wind was turning into a gusty onslaught, making us the target of handfuls of fine sand against our legs and arms. Aldrich crept to sit behind me, clasping me tightly. His body heat was reassuring. I felt safe and said a silent prayer. We were concerned for Daniel,however. We could only wait for dawn.

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