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Third Person POV
"Why can't I sleep?" Lisa said as she laid still in her bed, wondering about why Jimin sounded restless on the phone. She got up and went to the dinning hall to fetch a glass of water. Suddenly, lightning striked, and thunder was heard a few seconds later. Lisa was startled, as she looked out to see rain pouring down on the busy streets of Seoul.

"Oh my God!" Lisa looked at the sky, which was jet black. She turned the light switch on to see in the dark that had suddenly engulfed the atmosphere.

"Wow...... Texas Chainsaw Massacre much..."

She gulped in the water when suddenly the doorbell rang. The sound choked her.

She coughed and then looked towards the door. Suddenly, the lights turned off, igniting a fear in Lisa.

"Oh no.... Who could it be at this hour?" She wondered. The thought of an asshole with a chainsaw came to her mind.

She hurried to her room and took a baseball bat out of her closet. The plan was clear in her mind.

"Sneak behind the door- open it- beat the living crap out of the bastard and hide the body." She whispered to herself.

She slowly walked behind the door and positioned herself. She slowly twisted the lock to unlock the door. Then she quickly began beating the person with her baseball bat mercilessly.


"OH MY GOD, STOP!!! IT'S ME!" The man exclaimed, trying to defend himself.

"YOU?! What are you doing here?! At this time?" Lisa asked.

"Its pouring outside and I was around the corner..... When I saw my car being towed away. Plus, I didn't have data to book a taxi, so I came here. I hope I am not disturbing you..... By the way, why the f*ck did you start beating me with a baseball bat?!" The man asked.

"Well! What am I supposed to do when there is a thunderstorm outside and someone rings my doorbell in the middle of the night, Jungkook!" Lisa shouted.

"Okay okay.. . But can I come in?" He asked.

"Yeah whatever." Lisa replied. Jungkook walked in and Lisa closed the door.

"You want something? Like coffee or tea?" Lisa asked.

"I guess I don't want anything." The drenched man said.

"So..... You are very wet you know." Lisa said and kept her bat near the sofa.

"I am well aware of that.... And don't you get ideas." Jungkook sternly said.

"Oh come on! Ideas?! About you?! I'd rather fantasize Trump!" She sassed.

Jungkook ignored her and looked out of the window. Lisa was suspicious but stayed quiet. She then walked up to him and kept a hand on his shoulder.

"Look. I know you will avoid this topic, but pl-"

"Lisa! I have told you many times that I don't want to talk about-" Jungkook was interepted by Lisa's slap.

Soon, tears formed in her eyes and Jungkook's eyes softened.

"Chanyeol! I am asking you something! Is this true?" You shouted at the tall man. He turned around and kept his hands on his hips.

You and Jimin looked at him in confusion.

"I can't believe this. Y/N...... I have not even met you or Jimin before." Chanyeol said and turned back around.

"Don't listen to him Y/N! He is trying to manipulate you!" Jimin warned you, but you grew eager to hear what Chanyeol had to say.

"Oh come on Y/N! Tell me a reason why I would do this in the first place! Jimin is not my rival! And you think I am manipulating you?! Don't listen to the person who has been manipulating you for the past few years of your life by lying to you that he loves you! I am pretty sure he is doing all of this because of the loss he has had in his business. If he gets you back, he will get a significant portion of the company back. And when he has accomplished what he wants, he will cheat you again! And that time, he might not even leave you the wealth that he has given you right now!" Chanyeol explained and looked in your eyes. You believe him for some reason because all that he said maked sense.

"What bullsh*t!" Jimin was angry as ever.

"Shut up Jimin! What he is saying is true! You did manipulate me! And I know you wouldn't just leave me like this with no reason at all!! And tell me, if you have not manipulated me for past few years of my life, then why did you divorce me? If our love was true, then why did you leave me?!"  You asked.

Jimin felt remorse. He felt helpless as he couldn't be sure as to if you would believe the actual reason. He thought Chanyeol would again manipulate you.

But that got him thinking again...... Why is Chanyeol actually doing this? It can't really be because he loves you. He has already stated that he is doing this to break him down....... But why?

"I-" Jimin stopped as he couldn't say anything.

You chuckled.

"So I am right. You were doing this all just for fun..... I was a fool to think of you as a person who cared about me." You said.

Chanyeol smirked at Jimin, who stood numb with an expression of regret.

You left before anybody could say anything.

"Well well Jimin. What does it feel like to lose again? I am pretty sure you are getting used to it." Chanyeol said and slightly pushed him.

"You are such a big liar." Jimin said while gritting his teeth.

Chanyeol held Jimin by his hair and pierced into his eyes. A little whimper left Jimin's lips.

"Listen you little dimwit! I want you to end your game with Y/N for once and for all. And guess what?! I have the perfect plan for you! It's easy to execute and will do the job right!" Chanyeol said, laughing manically.

As Chanyeol proceeded to explain the plan, Jimin's eyes widened.

Will he be able to do what Chanyeol wants him to do?

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So, now is where the story takes a turn! I am super excited, because now! It won't be just about Chanyeol troubling Jimin..... It will be about..... Spoilers! I aint tellin yall!

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