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Sebastian Stan, The Winter Soldier, was kind enough to travel to San Francisco and chat for a few minutes, giving us little hints about how the beloved character he portraits appears in the movie and how he prepares for the role! Dear readers, you're in for a treat!

L (Leslie Winters) and S (Sebastian Stan)

L: First of all, thank you very much for doing this. Unimatic Magazine's readers are huge Marvel fans!

S: I'm honored, really. And hi, readers!

L: This is your third Marvel movie, right? How does it feel to be called back to work again, has it become normal to you?

S: No, never! It's always a surprise. The thing about Marvel is that when one movie comes out they're already writing the next. If you're in it or not, well, that's a mystery until the number pops in your phone and you're called back in.

L: Wow, what do you do then? In between that time, I mean. Do you take other jobs or make projects of your own?

S: I don't like being still. I enjoy having 3 weeks of pause maximum because of all the training and fight scenes. When we're done filming I just lay like a dead man in bed for 3 weeks. Then I start looking for the next thing.

L: Do you have anything planned for the near future, career-wise?

S: I do. It's a secret though! Can't spit anything out.

L: It's good to know that you keep pushing forward with your acting!

S: Thank you! I mean, I try. As an actor, most of the time you have to run and get the job. It won't come flying to you, you know?

L: That's very true! Now, getting back into the Marvel Universe... Bucky Barnes, villain?

S: No! Absolutely not! Clearly, he's done wrong, so... Partially villain. Ugh, I'm bad at explaining myself. Bucky was characterized as a villain but he's a fabricated one like he was brainwashed and trained to be like that. It wasn't, at all, his free choice to become a murderer for HYDRA.

L: How do you feel like Bucky is evolving throughout these storylines? Because he seems to be a different character each movie, am I right?

S: That's a valid and interesting point. Because of what he's been through and because of what we saw in the last Cap movie, Bucky is a character that's so mentally broken and unstable. He doesn't remember anything about his past other than Steve and even that it's taken away from him each time he remembers it. So, in this movie, with the fall of HYDRA and SHIELD, he's free. And we see him trying to figure out who he was and who he is. Plus, he's also dealing with the consequences of his actions as The Winter Soldier.

L: How did you prepare for this role?

S: Well, in the second movie I had to do some digging, per say. I was playing someone who had an immense memory loss and to be honest dealing with my step-dad gave me a lot of inspiration for the role.

L: Your step-dad? Really? How so?

S: He was diagnosed with Alzheimer a couple of years ago, so I was there for some of the "who are you" moments. His expressions of complete confusion and stress were what I tried to bring to Bucky. That's why playing this character has become such an important part of my life. It's very close to my heart.

L: I'm so sorry to hear that!

S: He saw The Winter Soldier movie when it came out. At that time his memory was starting to get shaky and he had forgotten who I was for at least 2 times that day. But he recognized me in the film and even laughed at "Who the hell is Bucky?" which I find hilarious.

L: How iconic is that line, though! You must hear it a lot.

S: For sure! People call me out on the street sometimes, asking if I'm Bucky and I tend to reply with the line. They lose their minds, I love it.

L: Well, for the past weeks, Anthony Mackie has been very passionate about your metal arm routine...

S: Oh my god. Here it comes... My "metal arm routine"... he's crazy.

L: What can you tell us about the arm itself? Is it heavy, uncomfortable, maybe?

S: It's a bit heavy but not uncomfortable. The whole process, as Mackie insists in mentioning, that's a bit weird and just... Ugh... I have to get in there! The first time I put the arm was so funny and yet traumatizing because you can feel the jelly moving... like sweat, but a lot grosser.

L: How do you feel like this confrontation between two of the strongest heroes will affect the MCU?

S: Oh, I'm sure there will be consequences. I don't want to say too much and I can't because I'll immediately be wiped out but one thing is for sure, this will change a LOT the way you look at superheroes and their actions, motivations, etc.

L: Thank you so much for your time, Sebastian! I can't wait to see this movie and how Bucky is hanging up!

S: Bucky's... screwed man. Whoops, did I say too much!? Anyways, thank you, this was great!

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