Knowing him

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Jake's POV

I walked to school with John and two guys walked toward us. They both had platinum blond-white hair, one of them had normal sunglasses and the other one had strange pointy ones. They walked up to us and greeted us. The taller ones name is Dirk Strider and the shorter ones name is Dave Strider. Him and John easily became friends, while me the Dirk were a little awkward, but we eventually became friends. Apparently he's from Texas, and absolutely LOVES to strife. He also said he loves smuppets was it? He invited me to his house and said yes so quickly he didn't even finish his sentence. When I realized what had happened he smirked grew wider and my face turned bright red. "Excited huh, English?" He said with a smile. I blushed even more. SHIT.

Dirk's POV

Damn it my heart went doki doki when he blushed. FUCKKKKKK. I invited him to my house though. "Hey wanna come over to my hou-" "Yes." He said quickly. I smirked, but he blushed madly. "Excited huh, English?" I said with my smirk growing. "S-shut up, Dirk." He stuttered. How cute. "Mmnnnn. Nah." I said as he pouted. I laughed. We started to walk to my house and was greeted by Bro. "Oh hey. Who's your little friend, Dirk?" He said, his Texan accent slipping. "This is my friend, Jake. Jake this is my bro.....Bro. It's kinda weird cause neither me OR Dave knows Bro's real name. "Oh. Nice to meet you, Mr. Strider!" Jake said with the bright smile i love. "Just call me 'Bro'." Bro said. "Oh, okay." Jake said as i led him to my room. On our way up we heard John and Dave. "Hhhnnngg~" " fuck!~" Woah. Were they fucking? I told Jake to stay there and i opened Dave's door and holy shit.

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