22| I Look Hot When I Smoke.

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22| I Look Hot When I Smoke.

Finally it was the last day of school for summer, and finally Ashton was genuinely smiling since the breakup. He was just as excited as everyone else to leave this place for 6 weeks, ignoring the fact they would be coming back for their final year. Annie was packing her things from her locker with Lukes help as Ashton just stood and rambled on about the small pool party Annie was hosting tonight.

It was only their close friends, like Calum and Sophie, so ashton had nothing to worry about- which Annie had been telling him all day.

Luke didn't admit it, but he was nervous too, mostly because of Calum. He had a hunch that him and Annie had previously been something, and even from hearing his voice he knew he must of been the littlest bit attractive. Luke did't even want to think of what everyone looked like shirtless- including himself. It had been a long time since he'd worked out or even done anything remotely healthy.

"Ready?" Annie asked, taking her bag back from Luke and linking their arms together. She pulled Ashton along by his arm too, hoping to keep him in this good mood he suddenly occupied.

They went straight to Annie's, as they packed their swimming stuff in the morning, needing to get in the cold water as soon as possible to cool off. Today had been another skin-melting day of heat which no one could sanely handle without covering themselves in ice water.

"I promise not to grope you this time." Luke chuckled as he went to the bathroom to get changed. Annie made sure to lock her door before changing, not because of Luke but because of the guests in her house. Most of them were already here and in the garden, but she couldn't be too safe.

Deciding on a dark green bikini- that complemented her skin tone nicely- Annie unlocked the door and waited for Luke to be ready also.

"What are you wearing?" Luke mocked, scowling as his head turned towards Annie. She pouted, looking down at her bikini in confusion.

"What's wrong with this? I thought-" Luke burst into laughter at the sound of her complaining, shaking his head and reaching out to find her. Annie then realised, gasping and slapping Luke's arm playfully as she shook her head, "I hate you, why do you feel the need to do that?"

Luke shrugged his shoulders, bringing her closer to him and kissing her forehead, trailing his lips down to her earlobe where he nibbled playfully. "It's funny hearing you forget a crucial part of my existence. I think it's entertaining that you forget I'm blind." He did find it funny, but he also found it a small bit insulting, like, how could you not remember your boyfriend is blind?

"Well, in my defence, when I think of you I don't instantly think 'blind'." Annie commented, grabbing his hand and leading him downstairs, pointing out where they started and ended so he made sure to keep his footing.

"What do you think about?" Luke was genuinely curious about how she thought of him. He just assumed everybody he knew now would just say 'blind', they weren't wrong of course but he didn't want that to define him. He felt the sudden heat of outdoors overlap him and a pant escaped his lips, still following Annie to where he assumed to be the pool.

"I think," Annie started, leading the both of them down the steps of the pool and into the water, ignoring the other few people for the time being as they carried on their conversation. "Humourous," She stated, turning herself around once they were fully in the pool and hugging her legs around Lukes body like she had done previously. "Cute," she giggled, watching as his nose crinkled up in a smile. "Awkward," He nodded his head along with her, agreeing. "And Mine."

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