Chapter 13

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I wait at my front door for Namjoon to pick me up. I had no idea what we were going to do, let alone go anywhere. I just needed to escape from the cage that I was trapped in. Maybe Namjoon wouldn't be so bad anyway? He is definitely better the Yoongi at the moment. I see Namjoon pull into the driveway and I walk out, shutting the door behind me. I see his bright smile, showing his golden dimples, as I walk up to his car. Namjoon gets out of the car and I give off a little flinch.

"Minji! Are you okay? You don't look so good." Namjoon said as he walks up to me with a concerned look on his face.

"I'll explain later, just get me out of here." I say looking at the ground with my eyes to the ground.

"He isn't like Yoongi, don't worry."

He walks me to the passenger side of the car, and opens the door. I get in and hear the door shut behind me. I watch as Namjoon walks to the other side of the car. His body was tall and buff, but looked so smooth.

Namjoon got in as I put my sunglasses on. I'm not going to lie, I looked bad ass. With my long straight brown hair, my bangs almost covering my eyes. My eyeliner was looking on fleek and my lips looked red and full. I actually didn't feel like a potato today. (insert smiley face)

Namjoon was looking fine too. His blonde hair looked soft to the touch. His black rimmed glasses around his stunning eyes.

Oh his eyes....

I never noticed how hot he was. He looked like a tall glass of water.

And I'm thirsty.

"So.... where are you wanting to go?" Namjoon asked, pulling me out of my trance. My cheeks become flushed as parts of my lingering daydream. I really didn't know where to go, or what I wanted to do.

"Just drive. I just need you to drive away from here. I don't care where, just not here. Please." I say then looking out of the window at the sky.

Namjoon pulls out of my driveway, and onto the road. My mind starts to drift off again into euphoria.

I sit there on a stage behind this huge drum set in front of this massive crowd. I look out into the crowd and see my parents; my father finally showing up to one of my concerts and my mom being physically there.

I take in a big deep breath and look down at my hands. I look up to see Namjoon front and center in the crowd. He was smiling at me and his eyes were alive. I smile back and start playing.


And playing

And playing

And playing.

Then I came to an abrupt stop.

"We are here." Namjoon said and brought me to the cemetery.

How on Earth did he know to take me here?

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