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+theo's pov+

"hai!" i chirped, skipping my way to the boys who are grinning and waving at me.

"hello little one"


"hey theo" they replied one by one, and i frown when elijah calls me 'little one.'

"i'm not little. i'm a big boy" i frown, slipping deeper into little space, hoping that no one notices, and luckily, they are just chuckling at my childishness.

"come onnn! lets go" i whine, skipping out of the gates, checking every once and a while to see if they are still following me.


we arrive to my house 30 minutes later, it's a rather big house, three floors, 4 bedrooms, two sitting rooms, 4 bathrooms, a kitchen, etc. it's big, but for me, it's amazing. i can explore and play hide-and-go-seek, and i can run around more.

the interior is rather childish though. stuffies scattered around the place, my babas and sippy cups scattered around the kitchen. i'm going to have to sort all that out before they arrive.

"umm... guys?" i ask, turning to face the boy who have also stopped. they all hummed in response and i nodded to myself, saying, "can you please wait outside for a few minutes? i need to sort some things out quick?"

they all look at each other for confirmation, before all nodding, yes. "thanks!" i smile, thanking god that my baby talk hasn't started happening yet. it usually does by now.

i skip ahead again, this time pulling out my master key and opening the door, skipping inside and grabbing all the 'baby' items stuffing them in the guest bathroom, located next to the kitchen.

i look around, checking for anything else little, and as i do, i look over to an open cabinet, rawr hanging out of it!

"rawr!" i squeal, running to the teddy bear and picking him up, cuddling him to my chest and sighing. i've finally found my best friend.

i close the cabinet and place him on top of the couch, deciding that i should let the boys in now.

i toddle to the door, opening it to reveal the three massive boys, looking down at me, grins covering their faces.

"hai!" i exclaim, running back into the house and jumping on the couch, the boys following behind me, looking at the wallpaper, which is covered in dinosaurs!

i think i should change, these clothes are too uncomfortable. maybe a skirt and a dinosaur tee!

"lemme change" i squeal, running up the stairs on my hands and legs, going to my nursery and running into the closet, finding my favorite black flowy skirt that comes to my thighs, dinosaur covered knee thigh high socks, and a matching dinosaur cropped tee.

i throw them all on then stand in front of the mirror, giggling at my femininity.

i exit the nursery, being sure to lock it behind me, and i skip down the narrow staircase, careful not to fall.

"i'm back, i yell, running and jumping onto the three boys, who seem to just be chatting on the couch.

they smile as they see me, but their smiley faces soon turn to shock once their eyes skim my clothing choice.

"umm.." elijah starts, and tears well up in my eyes. don't they like my clothes?

"wat da matter?" i ask, sort of knowing, but hoping that they are not judging me for my style.

hunter smirks, his eyes skimming down my body once again, making me shiver slightly.

noah is just smiling, not really caring for my fashion sense.

but elijah, he just looks somewhat confused.

"aren't skirts, well... for girls?" he asks, and my heart shatters at the comment. maybe i am a freak after all.

tears pour down my face, and i grab rawr off the couch, snuggling into him while running up the stairs, tripping over my feet twice as i enter my nursery, shoving the door shut and climbing into my crib.

i cry and cry, a paci in my mouth, rawr in my arms, while the boys just knock the door, calling me over and over to let them in. why would i let them in? they will find out my secret. i  don't want people finding out my secret.

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