1. Welcome Home

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I had just arrived to the Sixers stadium, my driver had dropped me off. My security guard opened the door for me as I held on to my sleeping two year old daughter Mink.

"Come on Pap" I said as I got out the car

Fah had dropped him off to me, she dropped him off every other weekend so Mink & Papi could stay close even in Meeks situation.

I grabbed his hand and we walked in the back entrance of the stadium. I was nervous to see Meek, I haven't seen him in about 6 months or so. Last time I saw him was under terrible circumstances. Mink was sick and he drove all the way from Philly so his face could be the first face she saw when she woke up.

I guess that's why I was so nervous today to see him. No matter what happened he was a great dad and I always admired him for that.

We walked inside and basically everyone escorted us to see him. Papi was excited and I know Mink would've been happy to see him when she got up.

"DADDY" Papi yelled entering the room Meek was in

He had just finished getting his hair cut and he still had on his jail clothes.

"I missed you" His sexy voice said as he bent down and grabbed Papi

They hugged each other, it was such a cute moment.

"Mar Mars" He said as he reached and grabbed Mink from me

He never called her 'Mink' even though he named her. Since she was a newborn baby he's been calling her either by her middle name which is 'Amari' or 'Mari' or 'Mars' as well as some other people so when they called her it wouldn't sound like they was saying Meek and when they called him it wouldn't sound like they was saying Mink. I on the other hand only called her Mars when her daddy was around.

"Daddy" She said opening her eyes

She was excited to see him. She haven't actually saw him since that day in November when she got sick. They talked for several minutes everyday since but Meek never wanted me to take her to see him and I didn't want that either.

" DADA" she yelled fully waking up

There bond was cute and always warmed my heart. I smiled and bent down and kissed her forehead as well as Papi.

"Ima go now" I told Meek

He stood up and walked closer to me.
"Can you stay for a minute" He asked me
"I got to go take a shower and they want me to go ring the bell and I didn't just want anybody watching them while I do that" He said

I nodded my head.
"Daddy be right back" He said passing me Mink and of course her lil ass had a fit

"Mari daddy be back" He said trying to calm her down
"She'll be okay just go ahead and do what you have to do" I told him


I walked off and Lord knows it took everything in me not to run back to my daughter. I hated hearing her cry I'd give her the world and everything in it just so I would never have to hear her cry again.

I took a quick shower and quickly got dressed just so I could get back to my princess in time. I walked back to the room they was in and I saw Mars on Nicki lap eating a popsicle and Papi right beside her eating one.

"Looks whose back" Nicki said to Mars and she looked back at me and ran to me
"DADDY" She yelled as I picked her up
"Yall ready" I asked Nicki and Papi

Papi shook his head and Nicki stood up with him right beside her. He grabbed her hand and they walked off in front of Me and Mars.

I ain't gon lie I was staring at Nicki's ass hard af but how could I not. She's gotten way thicker than the last time I saw her, and the shit didn't even look bad. She still was sexy af and looking way better than ever. Plus six months without no pussy I don't even know how I'm surviving.

We finally got to the court and it was filled. I quickly made my way through the crowd of security guarding us and passed Nicki Mars and walked on the court to ring the bell.


I put Mink fat ass on her feet and grabbed her and Papi's hand. They watched excitedly as they daddy rang the bell. He dapped a few people up before rushing back over to his kids.

"Thanks Nic" He said picking them both up

I kissed the kids cheeks and walked out

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