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I'm excited to meet my bias in the fan meet and greet. Seventeen has been my favorite group besides Monsta x, and BTS. I was in the line with my best friend, whom her bias is Joshua.

We were chatting, until it's my turn to meet the first member.

"Omo, (Y/N), see ya!" Annika exclaimed, waving at me excitedly. I gave her a nod and, a smile in return.

"Annyeong, Vernon."

Vernon looked at me, and smiled. "How are you?"

I shrug, "Feeling great."

"That's good to hear, I don't wanna hear fans that they're tired. I want them to be healthy."

"Aww, how sweet of you."

He winked, making me blush. "Of course. Anyways, what's your name?" He started answering my questions, and signing his page.


"Nice name you got there."

I chuckled, "Thanks."

After meeting the rest, it's finally time to freakin' die. It's him for Christ's sake. I was shaking but thankfully, I controlled myself from showing it through my body language.

"Hello!" Hoshi exclaimed.

I smiled, "H-hi. Omo, I'm sorry that I startled."

He signed my book and answered the questions, then gazed up at me, and chuckled, "No, it's alright."

"It's just that, you're my ultimate bias."

Hoshi clapped his hands, happily, "That's great to know. Thank you for that."

"No problem."

"What's your name babe?"

OMO, DID HE JUST CALLED ME BABE? Duhh, just focus woman.


"Great name. Don't be nervous, come on. You're meeting your ultimate bias here." He closed the book, and grabbed my hands. Our hands intertwined perfectly. Cold and Warm, being together. I felt my cheeks burned.

Hoshi chuckled. How can he be so sexy when he freakin' does that?

Unexpectedly, he cupped my cheeks. I looked at him, and deep inside I was fan girling. Butterflies started to fly around my stomach.

"Your cheeks are hot."

"Sorry." We laughed together. After minutes of talking about random things, it's the time wherein I have to say goodbye.

"Aww, please, five more minutes." Hoshi whined, looking up at the lady staff, who told me to go to my seat already. I blushed in crimson.

"Hoshi, there are others who are in line. Come on."

He huffed before giving in with a nod. His eyes looked at mines once again. "I'll see you around sweet cheeks."

I chuckled, shaking my head, "Okay."



I laughed out loud at my best friend as she jumped around on her heels, screaming like a mad woman.

"Chill, chill. I get it now."

We were heading to my car. It's really cold. I was gripping onto my sweater tightly, trying to warm my body. Suddenly, two vans stopped at our side.

We didn't put our attention to it because we're talking about our spa day tomorrow. I need some rest from work. Gosh.

Our talk was interrupted by the honk. We turn our heads sharply towards the sound.

The windows of the van rolled down to reveal the one and only Kim Mingyu. Annika widened her eyes, and I was just here, standing frozen, cannot believe that we're seeing them without fans everywhere.

"(Y/N), Annika!" Mingyu waved at us, smiling widely.

"They still remember our name." Annika whispered to my ear, receiving a nod from me.

"Hey. What's going on?"

"Do you wanna have a ride with us? It's cold out there, while it's warm here."

"Actually, I have car with me."

Mingyu pouted, "Pleaseeee."

"(Y/N) COME WITH US. AND ANNIKA. WE WANT TO KNOW YOU GUYS MORE. PRETTY PLEASE!" I heard Hoshi shouted from the back. My cheeks burned again.

Annika tug on my arm, giving me those puppy eyes of hers that nobody can't resist, "Please (Y/N) unnie. This is only a lifetime."

I groaned before nodding. "I'll just get the car later. Sure, we'll be going with you."

Mingyu shouted happily, punching the air while Hoshi clapped his hands happily. We went inside the vehicle. There was Hoshi, Mingyu, Wonwoo, The8, and Joshua. The others waved at us with huge smiles on their mouths, which we also returned to them.

I gazed up at Annika to see her blushing. Joshua called her up to take a seat with him, and she nodded her head. While I was pulled by Hoshi at the very back.

"I told you, we're going to see each other again."

"Yeah, yeah whatever."

"So, did you save it?" He took his phone out, then unlocked it.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"My number. I wrote it down."

I wide my eyes, "Really? Are you serious? You can't just write your number. You don't even know me that much yet."

He wrapped his arms around my shoulders. Oh yeah, we're only the people who are sitting at the back. I blushed for the umpteenth time this day.

"I got interested in you. You are great person so why not write down my number, so that we could hang out more. Just the two of us."

I nodded. He pinched my cheeks, "Cutie."

I swat his hands away, hating people when they touch them. "Stop. Don't want people touching my cheeks."

We laughed. The conversation went on and on with the rest, until we didn't even realize that we have arrived at their dorm already. I met with the other members again. They were happy to see me, and Annika again. I'm happy to get the opportunity to hang out with them, who are just theirselves, goofy and noisy boys.

This day is the best, and I'll not forget this beautiful moment in my life.

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