CHAPTER 6: Nightmare

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You are one of us and you deserve to be treated that way. I promise you, Rosa, that I will do anything to keep you safe."

After a while, I finally calm down from my emotional breakdown, and as Newt releases me, I slightly shiver from the absence of his warmth. 

"We should go to sleep now. Need to run tomorrow as well." Newt says, shifting towards the trunk of the tree and he tries to figure out how to go down. He looks at me confused, and I lightly chuckle at his expression. 

"Allow me." I reply, and I immediately find the right footholds. "Just follow me, and place your feet exactly where I place mine." He nods, and slowly we start descending from the tree. There are several times when he feels like he is about to slip and mutters 'bloody hell', but we manage to make it down safely. I walk towards the neighbouring tree where my sleeping bag is, when I am stopped by Newt grabbing my wrist. I turn around and his brown eyes burn into mine. 

"Are you sure you want to sleep here alone? You could sleep with the rest of us, or I could stay here."

"Newt, I will be fine! Thank you so much for being so understanding before, but I just need to be alone right now. But I really appreciate offer." I say sincerely, and he gives me a hesitant smile. 

"Of course. Well then, goodnight!" he replies, and makes his way through the tangled trees. He looks backs once more and asks "Are you-"

"Newt, I'm fine! I promise." I cut him off, and wave him goodnight before snuggling in my sleeping bag. I quickly feel my eyes drooping and my body shutting down, tired from all the running and crying. Before I fall into the darkness of sleep, I think I see a shadow approaching me, but I am too deep in the darkness to wake up again and see what or who it is. 

I am standing in a room filled with bustling people, mostly consisting of doctors and teenage boys. I look around the room and see a girl that looks a lot like me, talking to a brunette boy in the corner of the room. I walk towards them, curious to hear what they are saying but all I see is the my replica hugging the brunette boy tightly, and I wonder if I ever knew him. Suddenly, everything goes black and I can't see a thing, but I hear whispers all around me. I try to reach out in the darkness to find the source of the voices. I can make out a woman saying something like 'Wicked is good' . The most prominent voice is of a young boy's, saying ' I love you too, my Rose'. The soft whisper seems to be strangely familiar to me, yet I can't recognise who it belongs to. 

Like a light switch being flicked on, the blackness disappears and is replaced by a room. It is only lit by a white table lamp. The room has lavender walls and a bed with a fluffy blanket decorated with colourful flowers, along with several stuffed toys sitting on the pillow. However, the window is covered with a metal sheet and thick, wooden planks have been nailed to it, completely covering the window and blocking any light from outside. A young girl, about five or six years in age, is sitting on the floor, playing with a plushy stuffed white dog. She looks startling similar to me, only with a innocent, carefree face and body structure of a child. Just a few seconds later, a woman and man quickly walk into the room and lock the door behind them.

The girl stares at them and asks "Mamma, why are you locking the door? Papa?" The man walks over to her and picks her up, holding her in his arms while giving her a kiss on her forehead. 

"It's alright, honey. You are going to be fine." he says, slowly rocking her. The woman comes over to them and tucks away a strand of hair from the girl's face. 

"I love you, my sweetie." she whispers, kissing her forehead as well. The child giggles and replies "I love you both too!" Abruptly, someone bangs loudly on the door of the room. "This is WICKED! Open up the door! " someone shouts, banging on the door again. The trio in the room retreat to the farthest corner of the room, and the two adults shield the terrified girl. After a few seconds, the door is blown apart, and soldiers wearing masks walk into the room, with guns pointing at the family. The girl lets out a frightened scream as the soldiers walk towards them. 

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