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Prologue: How the hating all began.

*Edited/Rewritten on 12/23/12

“Hi. I’m Louis.” The young blue-eyed 6 year old greeted to the boy with a mop of brown curls who was towering him, almost menacingly. But either way, Louis gave him a warm goofy smile as he sat on the grass in the private playground.

The curly-headed toddler with a babyish face looked down at Louis, a mild curiosity expression on his face as he studied Louis with green glimmering eyes like a green apple candy, they looked sweet but somehow hid a sour sensation within them. He stared down at the chubby hand that Louis had offered him to shake and looked back into Lou’s big deep blue eyes, the bitterness surfacing in his green eyes and suddenly they weren't so innocent or honey-coated.

“I don’t like you.”The child stated, bluntly, blinking down at Louis with long lashes that went on forever.

“Wh-wha-?” Louis sputtered out, getting up, obviously not expecting such a straight response but instead a normal introduction like normal people would do, not just telling people what you really think of them so blatantly.  

“I. Don’t. Like. You.” The strange boy hissed and then with his crazy curly brown hair bouncing at every stomp of his tiny feet, stalked off back to his mum who was waiting for him on the front of the playground, eyes darting back to Louis to catch them in a fierce cold stare.

Louis was baffled, completely and utterly baffled, onto how someone can just say that to him without actually knowing him. It hurt him too, because he hadn't known that there were such people who reacted at him like this.

The green-eyed boy stole one more glance, letting his eyes linger on Louis, and he saw what had flicked in those green-apple candy eyes, the ones that were covered with a coat of sugar, he saw something darker than mean and average bullying. And it sent small shudders down his small spine.

This was the first day that Harry Styles started to hate Louis Tomlinson.


Louis, on the other hand, was still left perplexed, thoughts every now and then wandering why his attitude was so brutal when they had barely exchanged greetings?

After that day in the playground, the young rich child did some researched and  found out his name from his mum, Harry Styles i what he was called, and that he was only a year younger (Christ, a year younger yet still pushed Louis around like a rag doll). He also discovered that Harry lived in his same snobby neighborhood that had enormous monuments of angels and such ridiculous sculptures by crazy people. He tried to become friends with this lad every time he caught up with him around, just so he can try to find what he did to make Harry dislike him but Harry ignored him, head turned away as if he hadn't even heard him (although he bloody knew he did!)

It was even hard to get his attention so Louis gave up.

He always wondered what he did to make Harry dislike him so much that he could barely look at him without turning around quickly with his nose up high like royalty. Well, their families were both rich so you could consider it royalty but Louis never put a label at that and to be honest, never considered it.


Louis was roaming around his foolishly rich school. It was ridiculous how much money his parents put in for their son to go to a snobby school. Louis didn't like it all. He didn't like these posh uniforms or the way the teachers acted like they owned the whole place including students. He preferred to go to those..what were they called? Ah, public schools. It seemed better than these buildings.

He was looking for the boy’s restroom when suddenly he was forced, pushed to the floor by arms stronger than his. His knee and elbow stung from colliding with the polished floor and he whimpered softly.

“Hello Louis.” The voice was familiar, a small tingle of memory flooding and a sudden jolt of shock rushed through Lou.

“Harry?” Louis carefully looked up and yeah, it was Harry. His brown hair messy but neat in a way with his huge green-apple candy eyes. It’s been 2 years since he’s seen this boy. Well..Louis has seen him around town but Harry always ignored his presence like as if he never existed and today was the first time he actually paid him any attention.

But Louis failed to notice the two other boys behind Harry.

“Boys, you’re free to do whatever you want.” Harry smirked cruelly at Louis as he spoke, the words dripping in an icy tone.

“Wh-Wh-“ Louis was cut off as he felt the air in his lungs leave him. One of the boys who had blonde hair had punched him in the stomach. The other with black hair kicked his thigh while Harry stood there looking triumphant, a smirk curled on his lips ever so harshly cold, green-apple candy eyes becoming frosted instantly. 

Pain exploded throughout Louis’ small fragile body and he shut his eyes closed, thinking that this way, the pain will disappear. But then just like that, it was gone.

Louis cracked one of his blue eyes open.

No one was there.

And this was the first day that Louis had decided to hate Harry Styles. To loathe him with everything in him. He never had hated someone with so much passion. So much that he want to be brutal with them and go to the limits of thinking murder.

It was hard to believe that he did because Louis was such a sweet boy and everyone knew that. Everyone.

But there he was, seething with rage on the cold floor as angry tears left his huge eyes, letting the overwhelming feeling that blew up in his chest rapidly take over. He breather in hard, inhaling and exhaling, refusing to let a single muffled sob out.

Louis never knew that that hate would have to change into something else for his parents and for his future. Neither did Harry but they would have to face it in an arranged marriage where they had to sacrifice what they had always been fighting of.


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