Imagine 4: Cesar (Part Two)

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"Afraid" by the Neighborhood
(You come in contact with Cesar, the outcome of your relationship unfolds.)

It had been two weeks since you saw Cesar cheat on you; however, those two weeks felt like two painful years. Your body aches for his touch, but the thought of him touching you ever again felt tainted and wrong. Conflicted on how to feel, you've spent your days laying in bed.

For the first week, you could hardly get out of bed, let alone get yourself to school. Your mom pushed you to get up and out but eventually gave up by Wednesday, knowing you needed to go at your own pace.

Ruby and Jamal stopped by on Friday and begged you to come back to school. They understood where you were coming from, but missed you regardless. They were the closest friends you had out of the group. You had told Ruby before about who Cesar was kissing, even though you could tell it would hurt him. You didn't want to, but you knew it had to be done. He claimed they had cut Cesar and Olivia out of the gang which made you feel extremely guilty but it wasn't just your call. Finally, after Ruby's tactical persuasions, you decided to make yourself go Monday.

Monday came and so did the realization that you could possibly run into Olivia, or even worse Cesar. You got through most of your classes smoothly, until the time for lunch came.

You had sat down with Ruby on your side, across from you sat Jamal and Monce. Jamal was trying to distract you with Rollerworld clues, per Ruby's request for once. Ruby didn't want you hurting, you were his best friend.

The plan worked for awhile until you saw him.

Sick would be the best way to describe how he looked. He just looked sick. His skin pale, bags under his eyes. It broke you seeing him like this.

Cesar locked eyes with you making your breath trap in your throat. He noticed the bags that were swept under your (e/c) eyes too. He still thought you looked beautiful regardless.

The boys had told you he wasn't do well before you saw him, but you never thought it was this bad. Cesar looked down at his hands before turning and walking back towards the lockers. The double doors slammed behind him as he walked out, leaving you breathless. You looked down at your lap, slightly gasping for air. Ruby noticed immediately and grabbed both of your hands.

"Y/N. Y/N, look at me. Breathe okay. Just breathe with me, okay? In... and out. In... and out," he cooed. Your breathing had leveled, but your heart ache had heightened.

That was four days ago, it was now Friday.

You sat looking out your window on that rainy day. The curbs flooded with rain as you watched them flow down the sidewalk. Your head pressed against the glass. It felt heavy with your thoughts and questions. What did he mean it wasn't what it seemed? Does he even miss me anymore? It's been two weeks, no calls. I hate missing him.

Tears formed in your eyes, falling down your cheeks like the raindrops dripping down your windowpane.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, making you snap out of your feelings. You walked to the door, hoping it was nothing important since you were the only one home. Your mom made you stay home from school since she didn't like you driving in the pouring rain.

You checked yourself in the mirror, noticing how swollen your eyes were. You sighed before walking towards the door.

You unlocked the door. It screeched open, revealing him.

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