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We've been at the hotel for around two hours now, Esme was sat next to me at the table while Danny was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling.

"You should probably try to get some sleep." Esme suggested as I looked down at the dark wood table.

"Uh yeah, I'm gonna take a shower that will probably help." I stated standing up.

I went towards the bag of clothes that Alice and Rose gave me pulling out black sleep shorts and a large dark blue shirt.

"Did they seriously think this would fit me?" I asked turning around to Esme.

"That's Jasper's, sweetheart." Esme answered with a chuckle before looking down at a random magazine in the hotel room.

I grabbed my phone, Jasper's shirt and the shorts before heading towards the bathroom. Walking in I turned on the water waiting for it to get hot and turned on my playlist before stepping under the water.

I sat in there for a while thinking about Jasper, thinking about him holding me, him telling me everything would be okay.

Before I knew it the water started to run cold so I stepped out. Drying off I put on jaspers shirt that extended to mid-thigh on me, and slid on panties and the black spandex shorts that were completely hidden by the oversized shirt.

Putting the towel up to dry my hair, my music was interrupted by my ringtone, I ran towards my phone hoping it was Jasper only to see it was my dad.

"Hello clove." An unknown voice greeted as I started to panic, that was definitely not my dad.

"Who are you? Where is my dad?!" I whisper-yelled not trying to alert anyone, I know that vampires have impeckible hearing but they wouldn't pay no mind to my conversation.

"You'll see him soon enough, go to your old swim team pool and come alone, I'll know if your little gaurd dog comes." The tracker stated, before hanging up.

The pool wasn't far away, I was on the swim team in elementary and middle school. It was pretty close since me and my mom used to live in Seattle after my parents got divorced.

"Clove! Alice had a vision we need to get out of here." Danny yelled, as he packed the clothes that I searched through.

Walking out, I slid on my shoes still in the pajamas. We rushed out of the hotel room, Danny and Esme went to check us out while I waited in the lobby.

This was my chance, I slid out of there sight exiting the lobby and hopped in a taxi that was waiting in front of the hotel.

I told the driver the address of the pool, he dropped me off and I paid him before hopping out of the taxi.

Walking up to the gates I noticed they were broken. I walked in looking at the lane lines not attached to the pool just floating above the water.

"So you do want your dad to live." I heard a man say before hearing a door slam shut.

"Where is he?" I yelled, trying to disguise the fear in my voice as the man eared closer to me.

"Oh you foolish girl, he was never here." The tall man stated, waving up my father's phone.

"It's not hard to steal a phone." He continued before walking behind me.

"What do you want?" I breathed out, my figure completely shaking in fear, if it hadn't been for my fear to move I'm sure I would have collapsed by now.

"I think you know what I want." He answered, his face leaning down towards my neck.

At this moment I was for sure I was gonna die and I cried the tears slowly seeping down to Jasper's blue shirt.

Jasper I would never get to see him again, never hear him call me darlin, never hold his cold hands in my warm ones.

Suddenly the man was pushed to the floor and with the man's hold on me, I was flung down with him. My head causing a loud crack as it slammed onto the rock pool floor.

I looked up in a daze, my vision going blurry and getting more fizzy by the second, sitting up I felt my head to feel a warm liquid seep down my head.

I heard a growl as the blond man ran towards me, yanking me up, and reaching to bite me before I was thrown down by said man as he got pushed to the other side of the room.

This time I was thrown down into the pool, my head once again hitting the edge of the pool before sinking down.

Looking up, I saw the dim lights gleam through the water. Everyone says drowning is one of the most painful ways to die, the water feeling like fire as it enters your lungs.

But they never mention it being the most beautiful, looking up again I noticed my vision go completely black as I felt a hand grab my wrist.

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