“Megan had a younger sister that died? Holy shit Sam.”

I nodded, “I feel so bad you know? The look on her face, the way she fucking looked at me when I brought it up…”

“You didn’t know,” Blair stated, and I knew she was right, but I still felt wrong.

I hadn’t been brave enough to talk to Megan about it, not even in the days that passed after the weird revelation. She was still giving me the cold shoulder, but now I think it was something more personal rather than just me.

She would say maybe two words to me a day, barely acknowledge my existence in class or on the field, and when she did talk to me it was always cold and monotone. I hadn’t meant to bring up the fucking past, I had just wanted to know where she had gotten the necklace. How was I supposed to know her sister was fucking dead?!

But all in all I still felt pretty shitty about the situation, because I knew that death, especially a family member, was hard. I had never really experienced a close personal death besides my grandma, but a sister? I could only imagine the pain Megan had to push through, and the worst part was that it was still a fresh wound, considering it had only happened a few years ago.

I sighed, “I feel like I should apologize, but she’s refused to hold any type of conversation with me since that day at the field. Now that the sister thing happened it’s only gotten worse.”

Blair shrugged, “I don’t know Sam, maybe she’s distancing herself, and maybe you should too. See if she notices.”

I looked at her, wondering what exactly Blair was getting at. I questioned, “Like, stop trying to talk to her?”

She nodded in response.

“But it’s like, I barely even try you know. I’m doing the minimum here, any less and I’ll just be completely ignoring her.”

She shrugged once more, “Maybe that’s what you should do.”

I studied Blair further, wondering where exactly that suggestion had come from. Just weeks ago she was telling me to ask Megan all kinds of personal shit, and now she had managed to do a complete 180.

Everything in my life was getting too weird.

I sighed, “On the bright side, I met a cool chick on the team.”

Blair raised her eyebrow, not even taking her eyes off of the science book in front of her, “Really?”

I nodded, “Emma.”

“She’s straight.”

I rolled my eyes, “And? That doesn’t mean anything anymore. Labels are stupid anyway.”

Blair looked at me with a dry look, “You’ve always relied on labels.”

She was right, I always had, but ever since Megan had lashed out on me for trying to label her, I kind of backed off of them. They were overrated anyway.

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