Chapter Four - Speak to Me

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Theo and Ava take the path up towards the cliff. She wanted to join him in his mission to find new piping and this time he didn't object. 

Twilight was in full swing. They had already walked through the small forest that skimmed the side of the cliff, and the village was steps away. 

They dress in dark garments, each of them wearing a cloak. With the temperature cooling, Kohmal gave them clothing villagers normally wear. Their tight fitting garments would look foreign to the villagers. They would freeze in them anyways. The people on Hatalio have never seen a human from Earth and she didn't want to be noticed as such. If an undetected Revive officer, or regulator happened to be there they wouldn't want to be noticed in their training garments.

Either way she didn't know if she was ready for the humans from these worlds to notice her as a human from Earth. What would they think about her? What would they say?

A tight swarm of people walk the streets as they enter the village. Most with lemon stained eyes.

They join the crown. Some glance their way, but no one holds their gaze. Good, she thought. She wasn't in the mood to be noticed, or to be questioned. Although they dressed like these villagers, they were very different in looks. The villagers don't get enough sun here, leaving their skin white as snow. 

The village was quite large, and busy. She consumed the energy here. Most feel happy, content. They were a peaceful humankind on Hatalio.

Men work in the mining industry. If someone were to look closely, dirt stained villagers nails along with the men whose faces had marks of coal along their hairline and neck that they missed when washing their faces. The women make jewelry from the jewels the men mine. Many of the shops sell jewelry.

They search every shop, looking for a bronze door. They were deep into the village when she glimpsed over to Theo. He's focused on finding this workshop. His eyes search far in front of him and along the sides of the buildings. She does as well, but her thoughts were elsewhere. There's a reason she wanted to come with him. Back on Kohmal's steps she remembered what he said about confirmation and linking. What did that mean? She was determined to find out. It was safe to ask away from everyone else, with just the two of them.

"What were you talking about earlier? About confirmation, linking?" 

Theo looked around them, watching the crowd. She could feel his unsure energy, but she didn't care. She had to know. "Kohmal's son is a general in the Strife. He has gotten us approval to join, but in order to be unified we are awaiting for our consultation with Strife Commander Bryant Freewond."

"Wait, Strife? Commander Bryant?" They were suppose to come in contact with the Universe Council not the Strife? "What about the Universe Council? We were suppose to request for a summit so they can help us get our people away from the Acquiescence—"

"Ava," Theo turned to her. "We cannot just fly to the capital of the universe. We don't have enough resources. We need more support behind us." Theo glanced behind them, watching to see if anyone heard them. He placed his hand on her back, pushing her forward. She shoved it away. Does he think this conversation was over just like that?

"By what? Joining the Strife?" She stopped, facing him. "What even is the Strife?"

"They are people just like us, wanting the same thing."

"To save the people of Earth?" She mockingly scuffed.

"To stop the Revive. The Revive overthrew the Strife, and are now trying to take over the Universe Council." Theo whispered looking at her hard. If the Revive had enough resources to overthrow the Universe Council there was no hope for them, or anyone in this universe. 

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