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"do you want to go on a hunt with me?" chan asked again.
"...... Why...... Why are you asking me this?" jisung asked confused
"because it'll be fun... You know... Me and you " chan said with a big smile
"you're weird... Fine whatever... I'll go" jisung said rolling his eyes.
"ayt lets go"
"so... What exactly are we hunting?" jisung asked chan with a confused look.
"humans" chan said with dark red eyes and a smirk.
"wait, WHAT? Why?" Jisung says backing away from Chan.
"in order for your pain to stop whenever or if ever you get beaten up, you have to drink human blood, as in, drink right out of a person, not from a bottle" chan says calmly, his eyes going back to normal
".... " jisung stays silent
"I know it's hard to understand, but it has to be done" chan says walking closer to Jisung. He doesn't move or say anything.
"I'll be right back" chan says before disappearing from Jisung's view.
He comes back with a girl. Her neck was covered in blood and there was a deep scar on it. Chan has red eyes
"here" he says wiping the excess blood off his mouth and handing the girl to Jisung.
"wtf do you want me to do with her?" jisung asked confused
"drink" chan said
"but i-"
Jisung's eyes turned red and his fangs come out.
The next day
Jisung woke up early and he felt different. He felt more alive and less tired than usual in the morning.
He heads to the kitchen at full speed and grabs a knife. He cuts a piece of his skin and watches it heal.
"niiice!!!... I'm a real vampire now!!!!!" he says washing the knife and putting it back where he took it.
Jisung, really happy and excited about being a real vampire, goes to Chan's room and wakes him up
"CHAN-HYUNG, CHAN-HYUNG, CHAN-HYUNG, IT WORKED, IT REALLY WORKED" Jisung said running around Chan's room. Chan groans.
"what.... Are you... Doing in my... Room?" chan says still half asleep.
"I CAN HEAL" Jisung said with a big smile
"you.... You can what!?" chan said jumping up from his sleep.
"drinking the blood yesterday helped, I don't have to worry about not healing anymore!!" jisung said hugging chan.
"oh thank goodness " chan said with a smile
"thank you so much hyung" jisung said hugging chan tighter
At school
Soolyeon's POV
I was walking to school alone and I heard someone call my name. I turned around to see Chan and Jisung running towards me. I immediately turned back around.
"hey, soolyeon" jisung said. I felt my cheeks get hot as he spoke.
"h-hi" I stuttered.
"g'day mate" chan said in English with an Australian accent.
"hi, I didn't know you were Australian" I said
"oh.. Haha well I am.. And so is felix" he said with a smile
"ahh" I said
"why are you walking to school alone?" jisung asked me with a worried look.
"oh... Umm..... M-my friends s-said they n-needed to go to the l-library early.... Today... " I stuttered again.
"oh.. " he said looking around
"where's the rest of your.... Gang" I asked chan.
"I don't kno- oh there's minho. " chan said
"oh, I see hyunjin, felix and seungmin"
Jisung said with a big smile while running towards them. While I was looking, I spotted woojin walking with jeongin. As everyone gathered around me, I realize that Changbin wasn't there.
"wait, where's changbin?" I asked worriedly. They all seem to sigh and look mad.
"I think he's still in bed, sleeping " chan said while slightly laughing. The others laugh too except for Jisung.
"uh.. Hyung? Should I go get him?" Jisung said.
"but jisung, you'll be late too... " I said considering the fact that he might be late
"it's fine, its not like it will be my first detention " he said with a smile while walking past everyone.
He walked away and I just stared at him till he completely disappeared from my view. I quickly turned back around when I realized I've been standing there for 2 minutes. Everyone was gone. I think they thought I was following them but I wasn't... Oops..
End of soolyeon's POV
Jisung's POV
I swear changbin-hyung never listens to Chan-hyung. He always does what he wants. I went to the nearest forest and started looking for him. I didn't see him at first. I finally spotted him behind a tree, drinking blood from someone.
"hyung" I called him but he blocked out my voice.
"HYUNG!" I said once more. He stopped drinking the person's blood and looked at me. I looked at him in disbelief.
"don't look at me like that" he told me
"look at you, don't you ever listen to a word Chan-hyung says." I said, mad.
"listen, I was thirsty and water doesn't quite satisfy my thirst" he replied going back to drink the person's blood. I quickly snatched him away from the person and made sure that she got lost and didn't remember a thing.
"JISUNG, WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" he yelled at me.. That was a first.
"it's too early for this type of thing. Couldn't you just take a bottle like the rest of us do."
"THE BOTTLE IS NOT ENOUGH FOR ME" he yelled again making me feel uncomfortable.
"can you maybe stop yelling" I asked him calmly.
he yelled again.
"hyung stop yelling, I'm right in front of you " I said again. He grabbed my shoulders and started pushing me against a tree.
"I NEED MORE BLOOD" He said still pushing me against a tree.
"hyung, stop. I can help you now. I'm officially a vampire, there's many ways we could get through this. You don't need to do this so early in the morning. You could just go hunting at night like chan." I said trying to make him stop, but it didn't work.
"WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME LIVE HOW I WANT TO. YOU ALWAYS COME IN AND THINK YOU HAVE TO HELP PEOPLE, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING JISUNG. LET ME DRINK FUCKING BLOOD IF I WANT TO. " his words created a hole in my heart. I quickly took his hands off my shoulders and started walking back to school.
End of jisung's POV
Changbin's POV
"LET ME DRINK FUCKING BLOOD IF I WANT TO " I realized what I just said and I regretted it. Jisung looked hurt. He took my hands off his shoulder and started waking away. I'm different when I don't drink human blood. I guess it makes me aggressive.
"Jisung, I didn't mean t-"
"yes you did" he said before running away at full speed. I decided not to chase him because I know he wouldn't want to talk to me.
Changbin, you fucked up. I walked back to school regretting everything.
I can't believe I did.
End of Changbin's POV
Changbin was walking and almost tripped over a rock. "YOU STUPID ROCK, WHY ARE YOU IN MY FUCKING WAY" he yelled at it before kicking it really far away.
At school
Soolyeon's POV
I was in class and almost fell asleep. I don't even know what the teacher was talking about. I rested my head on my desk and just spaced out.
After class was over I rushed to the cafeteria to get a snack. While I was in line, I saw Jisung sitting down looking sad and also mad. I forgot about my snack and went to him.
"hey.... Jisung? You okay?" I asked him.
"mhm" he said with a dry tone
"are you sure?" I asked knowing he wasn't.
"yeah.... I guess so" he whispered the last part
"come on, tell me" I said sitting in front of him. He looked up at me and I felt my face get hot. I quickly turned away and waited for him to speak.
"has anyone ever told you to leave them alone but you were just trying to help them?" he asked
"uh... N-no?" I said confused.
He let out a sigh and I looked at him. He stared at me with a blank expression. I wanted to know what was wrong. I've never actually seen him this sad. Just before I was about to talk, I saw Felix running towards us.
"hey, where's Changbin-hyung?" he asked jisung.
Jisung's expression darkened.
"he's walking " he replied with a dark and annoyed tone.
"hey, you okay? I've never seen you like this, what's wrong bro" felix said while laughing.
"nothing's wrong" he said still annoyed.
"okay then see ya later" felix said waving at us.
"jisungiiie, what's wrong" I asked him again, looking more worried. His expression brightened up.
"j-jisungie? " he said while chuckling. I didnt even realize I said that and I felt embarrassed. I laid my head on the table, my face probably red as a tomato. The way he chucked was so cute it made my face hotter
" I... Um.... I didn't mean t-"
"it's fine " he cut me off by saying that. I looked up at him.
"a-are you sure? Itwasanaccidentireallydidntmeanforittocomeoutlikethat,(it was an accident, I really didn't mean for it to come out like that) ifyoufeeluncomfortableiwontsayitagainsorry. (if you feel uncomfortable, I won't say it again sorry) I said really fast my face getting even hotter.
"hey, hey, hey, heyyy... It's okay, I don't feel uncomfortable. " he said chuckling again.
"y-you don't?" I asked in shock
"yeah, don't worry about it."he said smiling.
The bell suddenly rang and he got up.
"by the way... You're really cute when you're embarrassed" he said before running off to find his friends.
He keeps calling me cute. It's driving me insane.
End of soolyeon's POV
Picture it like this, soolyeon is that type of tomboy that gets shy/embarrassed/flustered when she has a crush. When a person calls her cute, she feels different. I swear this storyline lmao. Hope you enjoyed part 3

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