Another Day, Another Struggle

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"Olivia Brooke, could you get your ass up? We're going to be late, and you know what happens if you make us late," Ben yelled as he pounded on my bedroom door. I'm surprised he even cared if we were on time. He always seems to have a severe case of senioritis.

I groaned and got up. I won't describe my morning routine, as it's quite boring, but I did all of my routine and went downstairs for breakfast. It was the second week of school, so I wasn't really feeling the whole 'school' thing anyway.

As I reached the kitchen, I saw Jackson making pancakes on the stove, burning pretty much all of them.

"Hey Liva, want some pancakes?" He asked, turning around and revealing an apron he put over his clothes.

An apron that read, "World's Best Mom."

Also known as a little sister's perfect blackmail material.

I bursted out laughing as he looked at me with pure confusion. He looked down at his apron and finally realized what I was laughing at. He facepalmed in annoyance.

"Hey! I can't get my school clothes dirty and I have to leave soon, heck off," He said, serving me my pancakes.

"Heck off? Don't you mean, fuck off?" I smiled sweetly. They hated it when I cussed.

After glancing up at the look on his face, I did what any little sister would do.

I ran.

He quickly turned off the stove and ran after me, catching up to me pretty quickly. I was fast, but he was faster.

He grabbed my wrist and took my phone out of my hand.

"No phone today. If you need to contact one of us, use your friend's phone," He stated.

I hated when he had to be a parent. It sucked not being able to mess with him like a sibling sometimes.

"What the fuck? That's not fair. I didn't even do anything," I said. He glared but before he could do anything I was dragged out of the door by Ben and Ryan.

The drive to school was normal as ever, and we finally arrived to the school. Another excruciatingly boring day awaited me, so I dragged myself out of the car and quickly separated from my brothers. I try my best to not associate with them at school. That would be a death wish.

I walked to my first period, which was biology, taking a seat in the back row next to my best friend, Julia.

Of course, when you sit with your best friend in class, it's hard to pay attention. We were kind of known as the trouble makers or class clowns in that class, which I didn't mind. The teacher, Mr. Harris, hated me before he even knew me, just because he had Dylan in his class a few years ago. Thanks, Dyl.

"Okay, class. Get out your textbooks and read pages 123-156. I will be passing out a note sheet you need to complete and turn in by the end of the school day. Use your time wisely," He said, sounding bored.

Because Julia and I would be killed for not finishing this and getting a bad grade, we finished our work in no time. As we were talking about making plans to go to the beach sometime this week, I stopped talking mid sentence in utter shock.

A tall, muscular, and incredibly handsome boy walked through the door of our science classroom and the room went silent.

He was wearing a leather jacket, ripped jeans, and pitch black boots. His hair was a silk blonde, slicked back and somewhat sticking up.  His icy blue eyes practically looked into the deep parts of my soul when we walked past me.

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