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Hello, wonderful readers, and welcome to The Review Center 2.0! For those of you confused why we have a 2.0 when our last book isn't even at the limit, it's because we have decided to make some changes to allow more freedom to our reviewers. How do we mean? Well, let's get into the review and see. (P.S. For those who had reviews at the other book that are not done, see the note at the end of the newest chapter on that book).

1 - You must either follow this account or add it to a reading list. What can I say? Exposure helps this account live.

2 - Each reviewer gets to choose if they have payment and, if they do, what kind.  Watch for that.

3 - Some reviewers may not accept certain genres or types of stories.  Make sure to watch for that as well.

3 - Each reviewer has their own style. They can review however they want and read as many chapters as they want. It is also strongly encouraged you check out different reviews to see the styles of each reviwer played out.

4 - Unlike last Review Center, you can request multiple reviewers review the same book. However, you must complete payment for each reviewer and WAIT ONE WEEK to request from someone else.  Not one week after your review is done, but one week after you make the initial request comment.

5 - Be patient.  We have lives. A lot of our reviewers have admin duties. Some admins won't even be added here until they have finished what they have to do over at the old review center.

6 - Speaking of, we are accepting reviewers.  There will be a reviewer form chapter.  To be a reviewer, you must have a nice amount of free time.  I will check out your account to make sure you are a strong enough writer to give accurate reviews for others.

7 - Every reviewer has the right to deny your request.  They do not have to give a reason because it may be something personal they don't want everyone to know.  You are free to PM and ask, but do not pester if they ignore you or say they don't want to say.

8 - Do not just come seeking praise. Only come if you genuinely want to improve because I don't want anyone overly upset if they get an actual critique and not a review about how lovely you are.

9 - TAG THE REVIEWER! Each reviewer has their own page, and they don't all have access to this account. So they may never see the request unless you tag them.

I believe that is it.  More will be added if I remember.

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