A Brief Note from the Hunion Archives

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A Brief Note From The Hunion Archives

The Gardener of Nahi (also known as The Antitwin Manuscripts) came down to us in multiple unbound scrolls which are currently stored in the Hunion Archives on Nahi (reference number 478F1A55-EE8C-405C-B94C-C60344180E3B). 

Due to the physical nature of these unsorted manuscripts and their lack of date timestamps, is it unlikely they could ever be arranged in their original order of composition.  We do know, however, that they fall into two distinct categories of narration:  one concerning the author’s present time on Nahi, while another reflects his past experiences on the unknown world of Cassidian.  Leading scholars theorize that both narratives were written concurrently while the author was on Nahi. 

We have taken the liberty of prefacing each journal entry with the word “Nahi” or “Cassidian”, denoting the category of narration.  We have also taken the liberty of alternating these narrations to improve readability, although it is important to note that some alternating patterns exist on the original scrolls.

As for the author himself:  although officially anonymous, these manuscripts clearly state that they are the work of a Hunion courier named Anon Selfe who disappeared into a speculative celestial phenomenon known as the CTC (or simply “the cloud”).

Many general relativists believe that such a closed timelike curve could open up a worldline which is not connected to earlier times, thus creating a possibility for time travel and alternate realities, although this remains pure conjecture.

In the end, the reader must decide for themselves the implications and intent of this historical record.  Anon’s journal could portray the events of an alternate Hunion reality – of a world called Cassidian and the Hunion conspiracy around colonizing it (both of which are not known to exist).  It could also be a work of speculative fiction, written by an anonymous victim of an innership crash thousands of years ago.  It is impossible to prove or disprove either notion.

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