Chapter Thirty-Five

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"He's right, isn't he? Damn, he is right!" Tonks groaned as she allowed her face to bury right into Charlie's shoulder after a long class of Transfiguration

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"He's right, isn't he? Damn, he is right!" Tonks groaned as she allowed her face to bury right into Charlie's shoulder after a long class of Transfiguration. Ringo was not on speaking terms with her it seemed as he went out of his way not to even look at her and all Tonks could think of was what he had told her about Lyris and how she hadn't given the girl a chance.

Charlie nearly stumbled to the side from the abrupt force of Tonks knocking into him but managed to remain steady on his feet. 

"No, Tonks, he's not right, at least, not completely,"  he told her, "I think he makes valid points but it doesn't make him right. If he wants to be friends with Lyris that's great and more power to him for reaching out to someone. However, it doesn't make you a bad person for not reaching out to her. I mean, think of all the people in the castle that don't interact with one another, we're not obliged to talk to everyone simply because we attend the same school."

"I know, but here I was telling him that he needs friends and then he goes and makes a friend, and I give him shit about it!" Tonks groaned. "I'm a terrible friend."

"No, you're not," Charlie sighed, " I'll admit myself that while I don't see any ill-intent behind any of the interactions with Lyris, it did seemingly come out of nowhere. It's not what anyone would expect given their two types of personalities. Ringo and Lyris aren't the types of people that go out and seek company from what I observed, so for them to come together and then spend so much time together, it does seem rather...odd."

"But I should be seeing it as a good thing!"

"Not necessarily, Tonks. You're right to hold your own cautions about someone you don't really know. And it only means that you're looking out for Ringo, you want the best for him, so while he may not appreciate it now, I'm sure he came come to terms with that eventually."

He paused for a moment in the corridor, Tonks continued to bury her face for a moment more before lifting her head up and looking up at him.

"So, what do I do? I guess Lyris is considered to be one of his friends now and while he said it didn't matter if we were friends, I feel like it does. But what if we don't get along? Then what? Does that mean that he's going to choose and if he does, I'm pretty sure I know who he's going to go for? Not the bloody witch who repeats herself and does everything he says not to do."

"Tonks, you don't give yourself enough credit," he chuckled, " and you haven't even spoken to Lyris yet. So why not just give it a chance? If he sees you putting at least an effort, even if you two don't get along, I think he can respect the fact that you at least tried."

"Alright, alright, I'll talk to her then," Tonks said, " I guess it wouldn't hurt. According to him, she thinks I'm wonderful. If it's true then I feel like a bit of arse not giving her a chance."

"Well, there she is, why don't you go talk to her?" Charlie pointed in the opposite direction that Tonks was facing, bringing her to look over. Lyris was sitting in a window seat, a book in her lap that she seemed to be going over. Without another word, Tonks gave a nod of her head towards Charlie before she made her way over to sit beside the girl.

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