hunter, elijah, noah.

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+theo's pov+

as the three intimidating boys approach me, i push myself against the locker, hyperventilating once again. the boy with the shoulder length hair gets close to me and gets to his knees, asking "are you lost?" i nod, unsure if he is going to hurt me like everyone else.

"pass me your schedule, we will show you to your class, are you a freshman, no wonder your lost, we were in your situation when we were freshman's too." he chuckles, but i glare at him.

"i-i'm a s-s-s-senior" i whisper, passing him my schedule, sad that yet another person thinks i'm a freshman. a shocked expression fills his features, and i look up at the two other boys, and an almost identical expression is covering both of their faces.

"you are tiny" he chuckles, and i just whimper. i hate being small. he's teasing me.

"no, i didn't mean to upset you, i'm sorry, come on we are in the same english class, we are already late" he rushes, passing me my schedule, saying "i'm noah, that's hunter, and he's elijah" he smiles, pointing at the other boys.

"theo" i smile slightly, getting up from the floor as he does, he must be at least 6'4, he is a giant, they all are, i look up in awe, i literally have to look up to see them. it's odd.

"let's go" hunter says, putting his hand on my back and leading me to our class.

we walk through literally about 10 hallways before we reach the english class. my nerves are off the roof and i think i might pass out any second now. i need rawr and my paci. now.

i look down, sad and scared, wanting nothing more than to go home and be myself. we enter the classroom, one of the boys explains why we are late and then we sit i the back of the classroom.

once we settle into our seats, i put on nursery rhymes through my earbuds and i put my head against the desk, trying to make the time go by faster.

noah's p.o.v

i look down at the sleeping boy. he has his thumb in his mouth, which is cute, but people usually grow out of that habit once they turn 4. he has earbuds in, and i'm quite curious to see what genre of music he is into.

i slowly and carefully pull one of his earbuds out of his ear and put it into mine, all i can hear is; 'the wheels on the bus go round and round..'

nursery rhymes? well there is probably a very reasonable explanation for this. it's probably because the music is soothing.

i plug the earbud back into his ear carefully and take notice of the teacher once again.

"okay class, i'm setting a class project for the next week, where you will be in a group of four or five, and you will be researching and writing about a subject that interests your whole group. this will require team effort and will take up 40% of your overall grade, and i'm going to be generous enough to let you pick your groups, seeing as it's the first day back." miss ploy says, nodding her head once she finished talking.

"guys.." i whisper to hunter and elijah, who turn to look at me, hunter giving a hard look, as always, and elijah giving a questioning look, his head tilted to the side.

"lets partner up with theo, i want to get to know him better" i whisper, and they smile and nod along, hunters hands intertwine with theo's long, cute hair, playing with it softly.

"the next two weeks are going to be great" elijah smiles, looking down at the sleeping boy.

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