Gay is okay.

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"Christina, why are you crying?" Tina asked when I approached the lunch table.

"Tammy and Jocelyn were bullying me in geometry today." I said.

"What were they saying?" Tina asked.

"They  kept calling me gay and throwing paper balls at the back of my head." I said.

"I'm going to go talk to them." Tina said.

"Wait!" I called out but she already was walking away.

"Tammy." Tina said when she approached her table.

"What do you want lame-o?" Tammy said.

"Why were you bullying Christina in geometry?" Tina asked.

"Um, because i'm allowed to." Tammy said.

"No you're not. I can report you to Mr. Frond if you keep it up." Tina said.

"You think that'll change me?" Tammy said.

"No but that will get you expelled." Tina said.

"Expelled please I am not afraid of that. Gay is not okay." Tammy said.

"Gay is okay. Just leave us alone." Tina walked away with confidence.

"Tammy I think we should leave them alone. I don't want to get expelled." Jocelyn said.

"Oh please I'm not scared of her." Tammy said.

"But I am." Jocelyn said.

"You're scared of everything." Tammy said.

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