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+theo's pov+

i walk through the school gates, not taking my eyes off the floor as i am scared for someone to come and talk to me. i can't get out of little space a lot, and today is one of the unlucky days. i just want to go home and watch moana after taking a long bubble bath in peace.

i walk to the big doors close to the gates, i'm guessing it's the entrance to the school as almost everyone here is entering it. i hold onto the straps of my backpack tightly, not having the comfort of knowing that rawr is in my backpack, keeping me safe from all the big people.

i hate being small! i'm only 4'10, and everyone always mistakes me for a freshman, when i am in fact a senior. i also got bullied for my size in my previous school, as i was literally the smallest person in the entire school, and they thought i deserved to get hurt because of it.

i really hope this year will be a better year. maybe i will even make friends!

i walk through the double doors, spotting a lady behind a desk, surfing through piles of paper and passing them to the students who go to her, i guess that's where i will get a map of the school and my locker combination.

i walk to the lady, who is dressed in a simple black dress, black rimmed glasses covering her eyes. she smiles to me in a friendly manner, and asks "welcome, can i have your name please?"

i nod at her, trying my best to talk like a teenager and not a 2 year old, "m-my n-name is theodore p-weston" i blush and look down, hoping that she didn't notice the baby talk at the end of the sentence.

"okay honey, wait a moment while i find your papers." she smiles, turning to face the piles of paper, looking through the t section and nodding in satisfaction as she finds my paper.

she walks back to me, saying, "these pieces of paper contain your locker combination, your classes, your canteen code, a map of the school, and a list of all the teachers that will be teaching you. if you have any trouble locating your classes, come to me and i will help you out" she smiles, waving at me and talking to the next person in line.

i walk through a hallway, no clue where i'm going. i'm hoping that i do turn big during the day, because when i'm not big, i can't read very well. i really shouldn't have came. i'm scared.

i walk through the packed hallways, trying to find some sort of door that isn't a classroom door, but the whole hallway is filled with lockers and about 3 doors, all classes.

more people crowd into the hallway, and i start hyperventilating. i hate crowded places, it makes me slip into little space even more, and i'm not planning on wetting my pull-up more than once during school.

the piercing sound of a bell fills my ears, and i sigh in relief, still shaking as i'm going to be late for class. oh well, it's not my fault.

i slide down against a locker, waiting for everyone to get out of the hallway, and after about 3 minutes, there is only me and three boys in the hallway, and the boys are heading my way. i hope they don't notice me.

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