Chapter Seven - Bloodflow

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"Hello, Ava," the one with bright blonde hair grinned. She had to squint her eyes to see his face. Now that she saw him fully, she realized she knew this officer. It was Eamon Orcaol. She didn't know the other officer. They both must have been assigned to this planet late these past weeks.

The top trainees were beginning to be sent off to planets, training with the officers from the Revive posts. Eamon was one of these top trainee on the Acquiescence. She also noticed something else. She's seen him recently, in the dream she had only nights before.

"Eamon?" She watched him heedfully. He's a vigorous fighter, she remembered from the times they were matched to fight against one another. He was also careless, and reckless.

"It is a shame really, that you left. Now you will have to be trailed and put to death. Such wasted talent."

"I'm not going back there."

Eamon ignored her, "Out of all your friends, I was surprised when I heard you escaped along with them. I was almost certain you were finally switched to their side."

"Is it so senseless for me to want to leave the Revive?"

"It's senseless to abandon your true abilities. You were born to be a skilled fighter. Now we will take you back, and I'll enjoy watching you suffer."

She looked between them both and watched as the officer next to Eamon pulled out his gun. She slid to the floor, side kicking his legs. His body dropped to the floor with a fast, loud thud. His reaction was delayed, pushing on the trigger igniting the gun, blasting a small hole in the top ceiling. Eamon thrusted himself towards her. She blocked his hands, jabbing him in the gut.

Leaping off the side of the couch she wrapped her legs around Eamon's head, twirling him to the floor. The other officer was up now running in her direction. Sliding under his legs, she jabs a fist into his sartorial muscle. He fell to his knees turning right back around. He forced a fist towards her face. She grabbed it, pushing his arm towards his back, then twisting it, elbowing his nose, breaking it. He fell shouting, holding his broken nose. As he fell Eamon rushed her with a weapon this time; a knife.

With one swipe he cut the flesh just below her collarbone by her left shoulder. She cried out backing away from him. He swiped again but missed. He back hands the knife, striking again, aiming for her throat. She stopped him, pushing his forearm away from her neck.

Eamon turned the knife towards her shoulder, pushing his hand forward. She turned into him. He reacted fast, but the knife stabbed into the table. She thrusted her head back smacking his. She achieved the knife, stabbing it right into Eamon's chest. He stumbled to the floor crashing into his partner.

Eamon swore as he tried to remove the knife. The other officer stood up, and ran toward her. She grabbed his uniform jacket when he reached her, and rolled him and her forward, crashing him into the window, shattering it. She stood up meeting his height and extended her fist but he moved his head and her hand went straight through the broken glass, cutting her. He gripped her wrist, almost bending it into a break, until she rammed the heel of her boot onto his foot, breaking his cuneiform bone. That caused him to let go of her. He reached for his foot whaling and she kneed him in the throat, pushing his body through the window.

Before exhaling a breath Eamon wrapped his arms around her neck, pushing her toward the counter. She fumbled backwards. He removed the knife from his chest and his wound bled profoundly. He struck multiple fists into her ribs. Pain exploded in her chest, her breathing laboring. His veins bulge, almost popping out from his skin. His sudden change in completion frightened and disturbed her.

Now both his hands are wrapping around her neck squeezing. He managed to bring her to the floor. She tried to pry his fingers away, as she slowly lost air. His grip had become too strong to escape from. His eyes sting red with emptiness and rage. His face gave no remorse.

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