Chapter 8

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Look, be honest. My half-brother is fucking stupid. I mean, the shit that comes out of his mouth. 




I never thought the day would come when he says something great. Those seven words: Sis, Soo Yin is going to school. I KNOW. That was when Jihoon was there with me. Even she was delighted. Everything was fine. Hey, maybe school would help her stop being a bitch. I'm not going to see her for about a year. Everything was going to be fine. Um nooo. That whore didn't go back to school. Shoot me.

~Next day~

"Guess who is viral again", Soo fucking Yin said.

What does she mean? Oh. Bug-no Big Marvel. Fuck 

"Number one in 5 countries! 8 mil views!" She sneered. 

If she won't go to school. Then I will take her to school.

"You know Soo Yin," I sneered back, "How come I became viral not once, but twice and I am just a normal girl and you actually are a makeup artist in YouTube and you've almost hit the 1 million mark, yet you never went viral. How weird, right Yin?" 

Yin became enraged. She shut the door. Well, she deserved it. I guess?


Jihoon was calling. 


"Yang, have you seen Big Marvel's video?"

"What video?"

She ended the call and sent me a link.

The thumbnail was...big marvel.

-sorry for the short chapter-

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