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All For Addison

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Yet another new story (: Please tell me what ya think and if you want me to continue on or not :P


All For Addison

Janessa’s POV


                I was sixteen when I took Addison and ran away from home. Her three year old mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening, but she trusted me and that was enough. I was beat and abused my entire life and I loved Addi way too much to let that happen to her. Therefore, I packed up two duffel bags of the essentials, and ran.

                That was one year ago. I just turned seventeen and Addison’s birthday is about two months away. I had a lot of money when we first started out, but it didn’t last long. After getting a two bedroom apartment, grocery shopping, daycare for Addi when I was finishing high school and at work, and some bigger shoes and clothes for her growing body, the money burnt out quick.

                I did some extra courses over the summer so I could get my GED early, so I could work more to give Addison the things she wanted and needed. I didn’t want her to grow up poor so right now I’m working two jobs as hard as I can for her. Not many people will hire workers as young as me, so it’s really hard to find a good paying job, that supplies enough money.

                Money was really tight right now and we’re barely scrapping by lately. I’m actually considering going and speaking with Cole Savage. He’s the biggest gang leader here in Malibu, and everyone says that he’s also the sexiest man here. I’ve never personally met him, but the rumors that get out about him are nasty.

                There have been women and men both saying that he’s killed some of their family, women claiming he raped them, men getting the shit beat out of them because they were on dollar short of what they owed him, and there’s even been a few stories of his violence towards women.

                He’s the last person I want to ask for help from, but it looks like there’s no other choice. I know I won’t be able to make rent this month because they keep giving me less and less hours at my jobs. I’m making a vow to myself though, that if I do get involved in all this gang shit, that I won’t let Addison be a part of it at all. I want her safe.

                There’s absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for her. Even if what I’m planning on doing might get me killed, I would still do it. I would risk my life, just to make sure she had a happy one. And  if going to meet up with one of the most merciless people in the country is what it takes, then I’ll do it.  I just have to remind myself every so often of one sentence that makes me get back up after being knocked down.

                It’s All For Addison.


How did you like it? What do you think is going to happen? Do you want me to continue?

Please give me some feedback (:

Lynn <3

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