Chapter 7: Isaac Spark

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Since my closet looked like a desert, I decided to go into town and buy a few new dresses.

"Dad!" I called up the stairs where my dad was working. "I'm leaving to go get clothes!"

"Okay, Y/N!" his cheerful voice called back. "Just be safe! And don't go smooching other boys again!"

Oh, yeah. I forgot to inform you guys. I got quite the scolding for kissing Thomas. But, hey. Dads are gonna be dads.

I stepped out of our mansion, the cool breeze of April hitting my face. I sighed in contentment as I began to walk into town.


A few dresses tucked under my arm, I continued to wander around the market. That's when I saw the most beautiful dress that had ever been created.

It was f/c, and had black lace covering the neck, arms and bottom parts.

I visibly smiled. God, I'm such a dork.

I was gonna grab the dress, but my hand flinched when I heard a familiar voice.

A voice that I'd hoped to never hear again.

"Y/N?" it asked.

I exhaled and prepared myself for a weird social interaction. I turned around, and the person behind me was the person I knew would be there, and the person I had least wanted to see.

Isaac Spark.

Now, I'm gonna give you guys a description of Isaac. He had brown, scruffy hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. He also had this really high, annoying voice. It seemed cute at first, but, trust me, you can only hear so much of it.

He was also my ex-friend. I was actually really close with him. Until, he had to go and ruin it by confessing that he liked me. You know, like like.

When I politely told him I didn't share the same feelings, he lost it and beat me up. Not only that, he would beat up, (and in some cases, almost kill,) anyone of the male gender who tried to talk to me.

So when I saw him standing there, smiling at me, you could only imagine how I felt.

I tried to be polite, but failed miserably at it.

"Oh. Isaac."

"So, what brings you here?" he asked, sensually leaning toward me, a smirk on his face.

Uh, to shop? XD

"To shop. Why else would I be here?"

Okay, I admit it. I let some of my snippiness fly, BUT HEY. I HAVE PERFECTLY UNDERSTANDABLE REASONING.

Isaac did that "tsk" noise and leaned in even more. "No reason to get snippy, hun~. I just need a favor~."

I pushed him back. "And what favor would that be?" I snarled.

"For you to fall for me~."

I actually laughed. "Are you serious? After what you did to me? Uh, hell no, Isaac."

He clenched his fists at his sides, his tone getting sharper with every word he spoke. "You really wanna play this game?" he asked, backing away from me.

"Yes," I said.

Isaac was clenching his fists so hard that his knuckles were turning white. Then he exhaled and unclenched his fists, putting his hands up. His expression turned soft. "I'm sorry. I know this isn't what you want."

He started walking towards me, the sympathetic expression not leaving his features. I couldn't tell if he was actually being sincere or not, so I ended up pressing my back against the clothes rack. Just to be safe.

Isaac was inches away from my face now. A smirk replaced the convincing soft smile, and my heart started pounding in my ears.

Finally, Isaac spoke. Not exactly the words I wanted to hear, though.

"I know you want a kiss from me~."

"What? N-"

I was cut off by him smashing his lips against mine. The kiss was rough and very unpleasant. It wasn't soft or gentle like Thomas' kisses were.

I attempted to push Isaac off, but he had a strong build and stood his ground. Finally, after what felt like an hour of him being down my throat, he pulled away, that smirk still on his face.

"How was that, baby~?"

I felt like gagging. I smacked him across the face. "Not only was it gross, but I've also found someone else!" I snapped.

Isaac's stuck up expression changed into an enraged one. "Who?! I demand you to tell me!"

I attempted to walk away. "None of your damn business, that's who."

He pushed me back into the clothes rack. "Y/N, you are going to tell me this instant! I will come for them-"

I pointed my finger at him.
"That's exactly why I won't tell you."

Isaac raised a fist to my face threateningly. "Tell me! Who is this man?!"

I punched him. Right in the jaw. He seemed shocked as he began desperately trying to relocate it. That's when bystanders turned to look at us. I'm still surprised that they didn't see anything sooner.

"One: You're a disgraceful human being that I wouldn't even consider dating," I told Isaac, my eyes flickering with rage and confidence. "Two: I'm happy with the person I currently have. So you can just leave me alone!"

Isaac's facial expression showed hurt and outrage. He stayed silent for a moment, then...

"How dare you speak to your master like that?!"

He punched me in the chest, followed by my head. My back scraped against the clothes rack from the force of Isaac's punch, a few seconds later falling over.

My surroundings started to go black, and I knew that I was gonna pass out. I felt warm liquid trail down my head, soon after drifting off.


"Y/N. Y/N!"

A muffled voice kept calling my name through the void of black. I opened my eyes and saw a worried Thomas standing over me, relief crossing his features as he saw me awaken.

"Y/N! Are you okay? What happened? Who did this?" he asked. I chuckled at his bombardment of questions.

I looked around, noticing that I was in a hospital room.

I grabbed his hand to stop him from talking. "Thomas," I began, "it's about time I tell you about a guy I know named Isaac Spark."

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