"Mumma, water." a little hand covered mine. I turned abit to face my son with red nose and tear strained cheeks.

"Oh my baby, why are you crying.?" I wiped his tears as he did the same to me making me smile.

"Mumma I promise...Dad to protect you...Sissy." he said with hiccups.

"Your Dad.?" my heart skipped a bit when I heard him mention David.

"Yes...he meets me everyday...I sleep." It took me while to connect his words.

"You saw your dad in your dreams.?" I was feeling all excited now. He never came into my dreams. Not even a single time in all those 4 years.

He nodded his head.

"He is handsome mumma." I smiled at his innocence.

"That he is. But not as handsome as you." I winked at him to lighten the atmosphere. He blushed red and fell back on his seat muttering something I can't even understand.

I just laughed at him and started the engine to get over with this day as soon as possible.

Uwais was already home when we reached.

"Finally. I thought.." his words died down when his eyes fell on Mahira.

"What happened to her." he rushed towards us and took her from my arms. She was still sleeping.

"I think we should first drop her in her room. It was alot for her to take in." he gave me a confused look but did what I said. Danyal followed them.

I sat on the couch exhausted. It was truly alot to take in. Uwais joined me soon. So I had to explain him everything.

"I won't let that bastard out that easily." with that he stormed out of the house slamming the door shut. He was furious.

"Mumma.." my head snapped up at the low voice of my daughter. Mahira and Danyal were standing on the stairs holding hands.

"My kids." I opened my arms for them. They came running towards me.

"I love you." I hugged them close to my heart.

"I love you too mumma." they both said in unison.

They wiped my tears away and kissed me on my cheeks.

"We need to talk." I made them sit on the either side of me.

"Whatever I am going to tell you now just listen to me carefully okay.?" they nodded their heads.

I let out a huge breath. I knew what I was doing is right and they need to know this for their own safety.

I turned to Mahira. I wanted to start it with her.

"Mahira, you are a growing up now. You need to know that some parts of our body are too private which no one should see or touch. Except your mumma and the doctor. Only when your mumma allow him to." she nodded her head. Her eyes were boring into mine as I continued.

"If anyone tries to touch you in those parts of your body just scream for help and tell your mumma about it. No one, not even your Pops or Danyal is allowed to touch you. Do you understand that.?" her mouth was slightly opened but she nodded her head. Than I turned to Danyal who was scowling at me.

"Whats wrong.?"

"How..I play with sissy if I w..wou touch.!" he said angrily.

"You can touch her Danyal. You can play with her ofcourse. But there are some parts of our body which should not be touched by anyone. And this goes for you too no one can touch you in your private parts except your mumma and Pop's. You are a kid now so I can touch you now but when you will turn 7 or 8 than only your Pop's will takecare of anything related to it." he just nodded his head not convinced with my answer.

"And one big thing I want to tell you both. If anyone tells you that your mumma or your Bob's is waiting for you and try to take you with them so just ask them about 'mumma code' if they fail to answer than scream for help. And if you are alone than run away from that person."

"What is mumma code.?" Mahira asked.

"We will decide on it.! Now come on its snacks time.!" I really needed to get away from what happened today.

I urge you guys to talk about it with your kids, siblings or any little one in your house. We are ashamed to teach them about something so important but just remember if we dont teach them the right way this world will teach them in the worst way. So its better to talk than regret.

The whole motive of this chapter was to aware you guys that we can explain them in their manner. We dont need to go all dirty. Just basic information will be enough.

I hope you guys like it.

Stay safe..xoxo

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