Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

I was meeting up with Jacqueline Hilton today. I received the email this morning before I woke up. I had to see her at the La Caffè coffee restaurant which was located luckily near the apartment. This morning was more than a rush.

I literally soared out of bed, rushing to get into the shower, wash off, dress and look my best. Of course, it wasn't easy having Harry flirt his way to the shower with me, which I kindly refused and kicked him out.

The whole morning after that was...nice. He kindly laid breakfast out for me so I could gobble it down like a pig and I had time then to pack a side bag with papers that I assumed I would need for today. My resume, my portfolio, etc. I feel like I won't even need that but it was there for backup.

Harry had kept me at my feet acting all childish and cute saying I couldn't leave him alone. That he might burn himself making tea, or maybe he will fall and he couldn't get up. I laughed at that because he re-enacted the older lady saying that video I saw the other day while scrolling through my social media. I shouldn't have laughed at that poor lady but oops, I did.

This side of him made me fall at my knees. He was acting all charismatic and playful and it attracted me to him. I was smiling and I couldn't help myself cause he was just so...him. His smile never ended this morning and I hope it didn't for the rest of the day.

He offered to drive me to the restaurant but I denied, I was happy to walk. In fact, I wanted to walk. It would be good to be with my thoughts, to ready myself for this meeting. I was ecstatic to meet this woman.

I have always heard about her, the power she had over the company, the inspiration that shone off her to young men and women in the whole of the United Kingdom. Not to mention, globally she was an internationally recognized make-up artist working on the most famous of them all. She had talents no one could pick up, that no one could learn and she can't teach low life people like us the skills she has.

She also had amazing hair skills. She knows all the tips and tricks on the perfect sleek ponytail that doesn't pull and gives women a headache. She knew how to properly work a flat iron, curling wand, whatever it was she used it with grace and skillful techniques.

This girl, this woman, had more gift and power over any make-up artist or hair stylist in the entire world, and her working for a high-end fashion and cosmetics brand promoted her image enthusiastically well. She sat on the throne in the makeup world.

And to think, me, a speck of dust in a world full of seven billion other more worthy people to take my spot, I could be working alongside the co-founder of Yves Saint Laurent in the United Kingdom as a head makeup artist.

Even the thought stops my heart and my breathing, it is so earth shattering just thinking about it. Working alongside a literal Queen...magical.

'You hundred percent sure you want to walk, love?' his deep voice rumbles from my right ear and I turn my head to face him. His head laid down on the couch and he looks back at me from the television. His feet propped on my crossed legs on the opposite side of the couch.

I look up at the clock before I answer him. Thirty minutes and I had to leave. 'Yes Harry, I am hundred and one percent sure I am okay with walking.' I look back at him to see him wiggling his sunglasses up and down his nose. I smack his calf muscle playfully. 'What are you doing?' I raise my voice laughing after he continues doing it. Fuck, he was adorable.

'You know you love it, Anna.' I keep laughing at him as I try to reach over for the sunglasses. He stops wiggling so I can take them from him and I slide them onto my head. Weirdly enough, they sat bigger then what I expected and I could smell him on them. I could smell the cologne he always wore. It was a task for me to find out what he used.

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