A Total Nightmare

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I walked towards the arena, and when I got there, I wished I hadn't. Flags were hung around the outside of the arena and the whole village was crowded around as they chanted Aaron's name. The chief stood up and started speaking, "Here we are! My Aaron has placed first in dragon training and no one is more proud then I am! Today my boy becomes a Viking! Today he becomes one of us!" The village cheered and I sat down at the bars of the arena, looking down into it. The chief sat down in his chair and Aaron walked into the middle of the arena as the crowd chanted his name.

Aaron walked to the table with weapons. He put on his helmet, picked up a black shield and a large hammer. He stood up tall and called out "I'm ready!" The gate of the cage opened and a red flaming Monstrous Nightmare burst out of the doors with a trail of flaming gel behind her. She roared and leapt at the wall of the arena. She crawled along the wall, up to the top, and blasted a stream of fire at the villagers who all dodged out of the way. She walked a little further until me and her were face to face. The villagers moved to the side as she opened her mouth, but I let my eyes flash green. "I'm one of you" I whispered softly to her. The Nightmare nodded then crawled across the top of the metal chained roof and spotted Aaron. She growled at him and landed on the ground. She crawled forwards and sniffed him as Aaron backed away.

"Give it to him Aaron!" Zac shouted from the top of the arena. Aaron nodded and lifted his hammer then hit her on the head. She snapped at Aaron's hand, which he only just got away with. The Nightmare ran after him snarling and he screamed. She jumped into the wall then back on the floor and Aaron smashed her face again, making her angrier. She shot a fireball at him and it hit his shield. He grabbed a spear and threw it at her. The Nightmare growled as the spear dug into her scales and the crowd cheered. The Nightmare ran after Aaron. I could see how mad she was. I noticed that Aaron had planned out just how to take out this dragon, he had set up several traps and weapons in a path along the arena. As I watched them both I realised one of them was going to be killed and most probably the Nightmare. Aaron tripped over and the Nightmare placed her claws over him, like a cage. Aaron grabbed his sword and cut one of the claws off. The Nightmare screamed and backed away. Aaron stood up and grinned. The Nightmare screeched and ran away whimpering. Aaron grinned and ran after her.

I felt my dragon side fill with anger, I didn't want any more fighting or any more bloodshed. I turned and ran away from the arena. Suddenly I felt tingling. Before I could do anything, I was a full Night Fury and my dragon side was completely in charge. I turned back and raced towards the arena growling. As I approached the arena I could see Aaron was holding a sword at the neck height of the Nightmare and it would only end in disaster. I dived down and the wind rushed past my scales making the whistling sound of a Night Fury. The villagers gasped and shrieked. I dived right over them and blasted the bars of the arena. The arena could keep in nearly any dragon, but not a Night Fury! The arena filled with smoke and I managed to get inside. I raced over to Aaron and shot a plasma blast by his feet. Aaron threw a rod at me. On the end of the rod was a net that would close around a dragon once contact was made. Luckily I knew about this clever weapon and dodged right.

"Night Fury!" Someone shouted as the smoke cleared. I snarled at Aaron and the Monstrous Nightmare came and stood to my left side. We slowly got closer to Aaron and backed him up against a wall. Suddenly the villagers jumped under the bars of the arena with weapons in their hands and came towards us yelling. The Nightmare lunged at Aaron who just about dodged. I turned to the Nightmare with a growl. "Get out of here while you still can!" I told the Nightmare. "And the boy?" She hissed back. "Oh don't worry, I'll deal with him!" I growled as I turned and faced Aaron. The Nightmare opened her wings and flew out of the hole in the top of the arena.

I growled at Aaron and felt the anger boil up inside me. My dragon side was trying to take control, but as much as I wanted Aaron dead, I didn't want anymore bloodshed. Aaron grabbed an axe and tried to swing it at me, but I dodged left. I growled at Aaron. "Wait! Don't hurt her!" Came a shout. I looked up and saw April running towards us. I quickly decided that it was too dangerous for her to be here and I needed to get her to leave. "Get outta here!" Aaron moaned at her as April approached us. "I've seen a different side to dragons Aaron, they aren't bad!" April protested. I was now utterly regretting how kind I was to April that night as a Nadder. I growled at April and took a little jump towards her, still trying to get her to leave. "Easy there..." April soothed. Aaron threw a dagger at me, but I jumped up and it landed where I had been standing. I growled and continued snapping at April, but making sure I wouldn't hurt her. "Leave her alone Aaron!" April screamed with tears in her eyes. Aaron pulled a sword from his belt and held it to her with the tip of the blade touching her throat. "Leave" Aaron said in a harsh voice. I snarled at Aaron and lunged at him. I tried to grab the sword with my teeth, but Aaron pushed it forwards, out of my reach, and right into April's neck.

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