chapter 19

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Rosie pov:-

"That necklace looks good on you siya, you should get it", raina said to siya, who in return slumped her shoulders and looked at the necklace with Sad eyes.

"Yes I know, but its 20 silver coins", my eyes widened at the price, it was a beautiful yellow stoned necklace but it didn't look that expensive as the price.

"I'll pay for you, you get the necklace", I told her taking my coins bag out.

"No no, lu--lorri its fine, I don't like it that much anyways", siya said glaring at raina who stamped her leg when she almost called me luna. We were currently in the market, I wore one of the maids dress so no one could identify me . Me, siya and raina sneaked out of the palace without any one knowing. I gave miya a day off for her to rest a bit.

Even Edward doesn't know I am here. Siya and raina refused at first but gave in later. I just wanted to get out from there before I lost my mind. The chambers was suffocating me, even the garden was. When I heard siya talking to one of the maids about the new market I decided to visit to clear my mind. I took some of the coins from Edward study room and sneaked out.

It felt really good walking around the market. For sometime It felt like I was back in my village, back in how my life was before. I missed my parents, especially my mother. I wonder how now they were, now they were not poor farmers but an elite noble. I smiled at the thought and mentally took a note to thank the king and queen once I get to meet them.

Its been two days since he broke down, since I proposed him my true feeling. He didn't say it back to me, I know that he will not say back but I waited hopefully and patiently. But he stood angrily and strom off. It hurts too much to even think about it. I loved him, I don't know how but I truly loved him.

"Luna would you like something to eat",siya interrupted my thoughts, I just nodded at her. She bought some chicken and bread from a nearby shop. We sat down on the ground under a tree and munched on our lunch.

"Luna I think its good to leave now otherwise it will be late for us to reach the palace", siya said with concern laying her tone.

"Some more time, we didn't still see the east part, I heard some dresses are available at cheap price and the quality is also really good", raina whined, I just laughed at her desperate face and decided to go there after our food. Siya hesitantly gave in.


After walking for hours around the market we finally returned to the palace. Siya and raina brought some dresses for themselves, while I bought some jewelries for myself.

We reached my chambers which was now arranged and cleaned. I straight went for the bath, raina and siya helped me with it. After an hour long of bath which relaxed my sore muscles, I came out dresssed in a white night gown.

"Siya wait", I called after her before she could leave, she gasped when I held out my hand with the yellow necklace.

"Lu..luna, you didn't-..", I interrupted her.

"Its my gift, so don't say no", she took the necklace from me.

"Thank you luna, it means a lot, your the best", I gave her a small smile which she returned with a grin. She went out screaming raina's name in excitement. I laughed at her childishness.

I looked around the room and sighed. I walked towards the window and leaned over, gazing over the moon. Last two days he didn't come to the chamber, I never saw him after that night. I hoped he would come but he didn't. I even went searching for him but I got lost.

A sound came from below, like a small child crying. I looked down searching for the voice but found none. I looked at my left and at a far distance I saw a small light glimmering. The guards looked startled when they saw me burst through the door.

"Luna, are you okay", they asked in concerned, I nodded quickly at them.

"Can you show me to the main door", they looked at each other hesitantly at first but then nodded at me. Even though it's been almost a month since I came here but I couldn't still figure my own way.We reached the main door, I dismissed them quickly not wanting them to inform Edward about this and went towards the voice.

I took the lit torch from the entrance as it was completely dark now and walked towards the garden. When I neared the garden area I saw the light. It was in the opposite direction of the garden. I hesitantly went towards the light. From distance I could see a small basket and a lit candle. I smelled something rotten smell coming from the basket.

The lit torch I was holding blew off suddenly, my heart picked its pace. Something was not right here. I stopped just 10 feet from the basket. I gulped feeling scared and mentally slapped myself for not bringing anyone with me. I neared the basket and looked inside. My blood ran cold and my body became numb at the sight before me.

I screamed loudly, I covered my face with my hands and ran towards the direction I came from, but before I could reach something caught my leg and pulled me towards the basket. I screamed and trashed but it was no use. Now the screaming of a man was heard, he was calling out for help. My body stopped just before the basket, the smell of rotten was making me dizzy.

"Edward, Edward, help me, Edward", I screamed his name. Tears streamed down my face. I tried moving my body but couldn't, my whole body was frozen. I stopped screaming, frozen when the basket before me lifted up on its own and turned upside down. I screamed when the droplets of blood fell on me. I lurched forward and threw up all the contents in my stomach.

The eyes of the dead human looked at me and then rolled back. The detached arm lifted up on its own. It flew towards me and landed on my shoulder. I screamed and tried shaking my body but I couldn't do anything.

"Edward, help me please", I sobbed loudly, the cry of the man was deafening me. Blood started to drip from the hand on to my body. Another leg of the dead human fell near my lap. The rotten smell and the blood was making me dizzy.

I didn't stop screaming, my whole body was covered by the dead humans blood. My head felt heavy and I was thankful to lose my conscious. Blackness consumed me and I drifted off away from here. Thudding footsteps was the last thing I heard before I gave in to darkness.


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