Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Annas P.O.V

I was pushed awake.

3:24 am


I roll over my still asleep body and I hear slight muffles, not my muffles. The pitch black room was speaking to me, something was angering it and it was groaning at me. I look to the other side of my bed and I widen my eyes to see what the shape really was. There was a bump under my blankets and it was groaning slightly. I sit up with my upper body and I use my right leg to kick the bump. It sunk under my touch, it was warm and soft. It groans in a response and this time my heart accelerates.

I slid my body out of my flannelette sheets and I grab onto the lacy shoes Harry decided to disrespect me in last night. Before I throw the shoe at the groaning thing I look around the room for something smaller and less harmful. As I search the room I notice my bedside table lamp and for a second I contemplated turning it on.

What if the sudden light woke this thing up and attacked me. Heck, I didn't even know what it is. I freeze for a second considering this was some stupid prank Harry was pulling. I sigh, exhale and grab a hold of my pretty, white pillow and fling it at my wits hardest at the thing I'm now accusing is Harry.

The bottom of the thing moves slightly then it mumbles something under its breath. I tilt my head like a confused dog, furrow my brows and I take my shoe to the opposite side of the bed and I stood at a comfortable and safe distance away from it. The blankets covered this side of this thing as well.

Making sure I don't kill it with the skinny heel of the shoe, I fling this at the top of the thing watching it bounce off its head and I watch as an arm flings the sheets off its body and the head turns and growls at me. My actions were to run and call Harry as my heart beats and my feet shook but I soon realized Harry wouldn't be in his room.

'Anna! What the fuck are you doing?!' Harry's raspy voice nearly yells at me. His eyes red and swollen and his brows furrowed. His cheeks stained with newly wet tears and I almost stepped back in fear acknowledging that Harry was crying.

'I would like to ask the same thing prick!' I nearly yell back at him while I drop my shoulders and cross my arms over my chest, still grumpy at last night and now even grumpier. I feel my body relax as I watch Harry's stern face relax with me and he lays himself down back onto the pillow.

Before he could answer he gets himself comfortable by reaching over himself and grabbing my pillow and hugs it under his chest. For a few moments I watched Harry's chest muscles flex under the blankets then he covered them. I really wanted him to lift the blanket again.

'I...really couldn't go to sleep. I did at one point then I woke up again.' he whispers and I continue to stare at him in my bed without my permission. 'I thought coming here would be easier but I got beat up.' he does a dry chuckle as I kick at his knee and giggle with him.

He opens his eyes and I stare at the green irises surrounded by red. 'Harry, please get out of my room.' I lowly ask gesturing to my bedroom door with my finger.

He hums a no and closes his eyes and tugs his head deeper into the pillow he was hugging. 'Yes, Harry c'mon.' I said almost begging at this stage.

'Only if you could say that in my bed.' he spoke again with a deep raspy tone before pulling off his stupid smirk. That smirk did more things to me then I could have imagined.

I close my eyes and exhale before I walked a few steps up to him. My arms still crossed, I stared down at him. 'Move, you asshole.' I flick my hand to his arm hoping it would suppress something in him to feel sorry and get out for me.

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