Moshi 1

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Mingyu x Hoshi, Seventeen.


Mingyu rushed through the empty, dark streets, panicking more and more as the minutes passed. He took his phone out of his pocket and looked at his screen, checking to see if Hoshi had called him back...but he had not. Nobody know where Hoshi had gone. He had been shopping with Seungkwan and Woozi and was waiting outside of a shop but was nowhere to be seen when Seungkwan and Woozi returned. To make things worse, he wasn't answering his phone and Woozi and Seungkwan weren't able to find him anywhere. When they returned home and told Mingyu, he was immediately up and out of the house to find his boyfriend but that was over three hours ago and it was dark now. He tried to ring Hoshi again but it went straight to answer phone.

"Where are you, Hoshi?" Mingyu mumbled as he put his phone back in his pocket and ran a hand through his hair. He was about to turn around and look in another direction until he felt himself collide with somebody and a second later he realised that 'somebody' was his boyfriend. "Hoshi, We've been looking everywhere for you! Where were you?" Mingyu asked Hoshi who had his head buried in Mingyu's neck and was tightly hugging the older. It was only then that Mingyu realised Hoshi was crying. "Hoshi, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"W-we need to go," Hoshi mumbled in response before taking Mingyu's hand and starting to run.

"What? Why? Hoshi, slow down!" Mingyu frowned in confusion but ran nevertheless. He was scared something had happened and as much as he wanted to know what it was, he would rather his boyfriend be safe first. They were standing outside their apartment building, Mingyu trying to find his keys in his pocket, when Hoshi suddenly gasped.

"M-Mingyu, they're there. Hurry up, please," he chocked on tears and Mingyu looked in the direction Hoshi had been looking to see a gang of a few boys at the end of the street. Mingyu guessed they had approximately a minute until they reached him and Hoshi. Mingyu searched through his pockets for his key quicker than he previously had been and eventually he found it and unlocked the door, pulling Hoshi in with him and locking it again afterwards. As they stood in the apartment building's lobby, Mingyu finally took a look at Hoshi: His hair was messy, his eyes were red and puffy from crying, his coat was missing and his cheek had three red scratches across it that were bleeding. He also swore he saw blood on his t-shirt and that he was limping earlier but he wasn't certain.

"Hoshi, what happened?" Mingyu asked, feeling incredibly scared for the younger boy.

Hoshi's eyes filled with tears but he managed to answer anyway as Mingyu took his hands in his own. "I was standing outside the shop waiting for Seungkwan and Woozi and...and this boy came up to me. He was really young and he said he was lost so I offered to help him find his way. He lead me into a dark alleyway though and suddenly these boys were all around us and the younger boy was grinning evilly. He tricked me and then the boys started...well, first they took my phone and some other things but then they started punching me and kicking me. It was horrible and I felt like I was going to die but it only got worse when one of them started...using a knife." Hoshi stuttered as he spoke but Mingyu understood everything he said and by the end of his explanation, Mingyu's eyes were also filled with tears.

"Baby, I'm so sorry," Mingyu wrapped his arms around Hoshi's waist but he felt him flinch in pain,  "I'm sorry, did I hurt you?"

"N-no, it's ok," Hoshi shook his head, "can we go back to the apartment?"

"Of course," Mingyu nodded and took Hoshi's hand, "do you know what the men looked like? Could you report them to the police?" Mingyu questioned as they climbed the stairs. He hated the fact these men had hurt his precious boyfriend and he wanted them to pay but he knew he couldn't make them pay himself.

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