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"I wanna grow big red horns,
fingers covered in thorns that pierce everything."
-One month later-

Lance had changed schools, not because he really wanted to, but because his dad didn't want his son to be distracted by all the bullies.

The sky-eyed boy didn't mind too much, the new school he was sent to had his best buddies, Hunk, Pidge, and Shiro. So he wasn't worried about that, he was worried about everyone else.

He hoped his social anxiety wouldn't make him seem weak, so he tried to ignore the whispers and eyes on him when he entered the main doors.

He convinced Shiro to help him make a meal plan and exercise routine without giving away too much as to why. His reason was, "it'll impress the hot boys and girls at the new school." Shiro didn't really buy it so Lance grew a habit of being a flirt to anything that walks.

His dad congratulated him on it by saying that being a flirt is a way to get all the ladies.

Lance didn't really like it though, he felt like a player. He didn't like acting like someone who used others, but he had to please his dad or else he might get hurt again.

He finds his locker quickly, he shoves books and lined paper in before grabbing what he needs and leaving to find Shiro.

He was already given a grand tour from the senior on Sunday so he was all caught up.

He hears giggles from freshmen girls as he passes by, ignoring his anxious thoughts, he turns back at them and smirks before winking. They melt immediately, Lance sighs before seeing Shiro sitting on a bench with Pidge, both seemed to be deep in conversation.

As Lance started to hear their words he rolled his eyes, "I'm just saying, I don't think Dat Boi is relevant anymore! It died last year!"

Shiro seemed to put his face in his hands before dramatically sighing and replying, "But it's so funny! Why do memes only have to last a week?! Some deserve a whole fucking decade!"

Pidge just patted his shoulder, rolling her hazel eyes.

"The queen has arrived!" The Cuban boy poses, one hand out at them while the other stays at his chest, face looking away with his eyes shut.

A voice erupts from behind him, full of joy, "Lance! Come give me a hug, buddy!!"

Lance opens his eyes to see his best friend, "Hunk!" He quickly runs up to the brown-eyed boy, wrapping his skinny arms around the tall teen's neck, laying his head on his chest. Hunk quickly wraps his own arms around the lanky boy's waist and lifts him up, spinning once before putting the tan boy down.

Pidge recorded the whole moment and smiled warmly, "Hi Lance!"

Lance realized everyone was staring at him, so he blushed before waving at his shorter friend, "Hi!"

Shiro smiled at Lance as the Cuban walked over to them, Hunk following close behind.

"How's your first day so far?" Shiro questioned, trying to read Lance's expression.

Lance put on a confident smile and crossed his arms before gloating, "A couple of girls found me quite interesting on my walk here."

Pidge rolled her eyes, Hunk giggled, and Shiro squinted.

Shiro didn't buy it one bit, him and Lance have known each other for five years, so he knew when Lance was putting on an act, "Glad you're getting comfortable." His tone seemed calm to everyone but Lance, Lance knowing it was actually his 'dad voice' in disguise.

Pidge and Hunk started on a conversation about the new NASA project and how cool it was that they're going to find out so much about Mars.

Shiro took out his phone, sending Lance a text, "What's up?"

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