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"If you hurt my princess, this faithful servant will not know what he'll do next. And, you've hurt her."


My brain felt like it was reeling in circles.

Even though I knew he was warning me because he was worried about whatever secrets V had hidden in his closet, I couldn't help but feel like I related to him even more.

His family disowned him after he had done something out of being heart broken.

I didn't know what about exactly, in his case, but I knew that my parents had disowned me as their daughter after how I acted with my former relationship.

I also knew that if I were to go up to them now and tell them I wasn't with him, they'd still close the door on my face before I even uttered a syllable.

I sighed, massaging my temples as Jungkook's hand lightly rubbed my back, his way of trying to give me comfort after bombarding me with a vague explanation of my housemate and lover.

I needed to get out of the house and pick up the last few things from Jordan's place. I was still not comfortable with telling Jacky and Jungkook that I was going over there by myself, having the audacity to go instead of listening to their advice.

I felt like I was stronger and more capable. I knew if something bad would happen, I could contact them, and it would be handled before it even started. That's all that mattered to me at this point.

I sat up straight and turned to Jungkook, my legs stretching upward as I stood up to show him the door.

"Thanks for the warning, Kookie. I'll keep your words in mind. I have to run some errands, so I have to go and cut this visit short."

His brown eyes seemed to bore into mine, and I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable with the atmosphere between us.

I didn't remember him being this intense with Jacklyn when they were over, but then again, I wasn't really paying close to attention to him. Maybe that's why she liked him, if she had noticed it herself.

He slowly nodded at me and sent me his famous smile. He seemed to have instantly relaxed as I spoke, his eyes slowly blinking. It was sort of odd, but I sent him a smirk in return.

He made his way to the door but stopped in the door way. I was standing next to him, leaning my side against the side of the now opened door, my hands ready to close it behind him.

He turned to me and stroked my cheek in a caring manner.

I flinched at the weird gesture, but still made myself look calm in the face.

"I can see why he has feelings for you. Too bad that you're his, and I certainly don't want to cross that line," he sent a sad laugh through the air before he walked off the porch and drove off in his car.

I stayed staring at the street with a blank expression.

I was his? And what the hell did he mean by all of that?

He has Jacklyn, my best friend. I certainly wouldn't allow anything happen between us, even if I was interested, because she was my best friend.

I suddenly felt like I was in a bad circle of people. Whoever their friends were and who they hung out with in the past or present, I knew that I didn't want to know.

I shrugged all my paranoid thoughts away and headed out.

Was I going to tell Jacklyn about any of this? Absolutely not. She was my best friend, but nothing happened. If there was anything deeper than that, then I would.

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