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Okay, guys

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Okay, guys. Serious business.
Like I said, I will be writing imagines for you.

I don't know what else to say.

Do you guys need rules for imagines?

Meh. In the end, it doesn't even matter, amirite?

But still.

Here are some rules:


I will not write intense smut imagines, you dirty little people. I write sins not tragedies. And smut already sounds like a tragedy to me.


I do write boyxboy or girlxgirl imagines as well if you want me to.
I.e.: "Can you please write a Peterick imagine?"
"Hey, can you write a SarahxMe one?"
"How 'bout a Frerard one?"
Feel free to ask.


I will write:

[Person]xOriginal Character

What is the difference between xReader and xOriginalCharacter?

Well, xReader will be written from your point of view. I will insert things like (Y/N) = Your name, etc.

xCharacter means you give me a name and some infos and I will create a character who will be "interacting" with the person (be it a real life person or a fictional one).

Ship/Canon basically just means you're telling me a ship and I'll write about it (i.e. Frerard).


I should know the person you want me to write an imagine about. If it's some character of a show I don't know/watch or a person I don't know it doesn't work. So tell me the people and I tell you whether I know them or not.


If you are interested in an imagine of mine, tell me the people involved in it and the atmosphere of the imagine (i.e. fluff, sad, au, apocalyptic, etc.). If you want me to include some references, lines, jokes or whatever, just tell me. I don't bite.


(Only necessary for [Person]xOC imagines)

You have to tell me the features of the character (your character) the person (i.e. Billie Joe Armstrong) has to interact. Hair color, eye color, details like that.

(Which isn't really a rule)


Well, I think that's it.

If you're interested tell me your wishes in the comment section below!


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